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Cannoneer Hits MapleStory With A Bang!


As the first phase of MapleStory's 'Legends' series of updates reaches North American MapleStory, users are getting wildly excited about the new class that came with the first update: the Cannoneer. Nexon's hit MMORPG is adding 3 new classes in this series of updates, and Cannoneer is the first one to hit the North American shores.

The Cannoneer, a specialist in long-ranged attacks, makes use of the powerful Hand Cannon weapons to do outstanding damage. Alongside his monkey sidekick, the Cannoneer combats the evils of the Black Mage in the world of MapleStory. With attacks like Cannon Bazooka and Monkey Madness at his disposal, it's fair to say the Cannoneer is an exciting class to try, for sure!

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