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Avalon Heroes Update: Sign of the Serpent

Avalon Heroes
Avalon Heroes

Patch time in Avalon Heroes always involves some exciting new features for the gripping free-to-play game. Of course, that is no different this time around. Just like every time when new heroes find their way to Avalon, their arrival will overshadow everything else. No wonder when the names of the newcomers alone are so incredibly promising – burda:ic presents: Death Adder and Mamba.

Cunning Death Adder now fortifies the ranks of the Aeonia heroes. With his dark powers that pose a danger to opponents and buildings alike, this magic wielder demands respect from the Oriens. As his name suggests, Death Adder is a truly deadly foe and anyone should be glad to have him on his side.

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Oriens turns up the heat as well

But the Oriens counter with a new fighter of their own whose name sounds just as terrifying. Opponents will shrink away like they would from a venomous snake when Mamba employs his special skill and pushes back enemy forces from his camp. Mamba is therefore a valuable defensive asset. But his powerful melee moves make him a formidable offensive fighter as well. Mamba's attacks aren't poisonous, but incredibly fierce nonetheless.

New single player scenarios

These two heroes have arrived just in time, because the patch contains a feature that has been eagerly awaited by many Avalon Heroes fans: the continuation of the single player campaigns! Aeonia gets a double feature: Scenarios 4-2 and 5 resume the fight against the evil sorcerer Novek, while Oriens players are called upon to stage an uprising in scenario 5.

Avalon Heroes Screenshots

Besides these impressive new features, the patch includes a few minor updates as well. Aeonia hero Secmat and Oriens character Aprasas now each have a new costume available, and a plaza tax is introduced for each deal in the marketplace. Also, players can look forward to a number of new random boxes.

For more information about Avalon Heroes, please visit the official website at The online RTS RPG in the German ESL is found at

Downloads, info, & more: Avalon Heroes on ggFTW!

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