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Audition Online Halloween Party


Audition Online, the leading online multiplayer dance-themed rhythm game with over 300 million registered accounts worldwide, unleashed a slew of new features and content in celebration of Halloween. The update includes 11 new tracks from various popular artists, over 100 new items added to the Fashion Mall, various new features improving the user experience, and a GM-managed Halloween event for a costume party like you’ve never seen before. Jump into Audition Online and experience the new update that’ll have you costumed and grooving to the sounds of the latest pop hits!

What's new:

  • New Songs: 11 new songs, including "Fireflies" by Owl City & "When Love Takes Over" (featuring Kelly Rowland) by David Guetta
  • 100 new items added to the Fashion Mall: Clothes, new faces and Halloween costumes
  • Background Music (BGM) selector: Create and listen to your own playlist whenever you’re not competing on the dance floor
  • My Album feature: Create your own set list of favorite songs for quick and easy access whenever you DJ a game room
  • User Catalog: Quickly reserve or buy outfits you see on other players without having to look around in the Fashion Mall
  • Halloween Event: The GMs will be running a Halloween themed event over the weekends (Oct. 29-31 and Nov. 5-7)
  • Convenience Chat Commands: Chat commands that put more information at your fingertips, such as player rank or couple’s info.

In addition to the exciting game updates, dancers are encouraged to check out the Audition Spotlight app on Facebook, which allows you to show off your hottest moves, connect with other players, and compare avatar profiles with your Facebook friends. Please visit:

For more information on the update and to play Audition Online, please visit:

Downloads, info, & more: Audition on ggFTW!

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