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Attendance Event in 4Story


Zemi Interactive has just announced an event for their MMORPG 4Story. The event, named "Attendance Check Event", is basically as it sounds. Players are to log in to 4Story for an hour in game, and will earn "combos" based on how many consecutive days they have logged in.

3 combos will earn 1 treasure box,  7 combos will earn 1 premium whip, 15 combos will earn  10 rare upgrade scrolls, and the maximum combo will earn 1 Cloak of Wind. Combos will continue until an absence has occurred (meaning a player had not logged in for a day, or logged in but was not online for the full hour).

For more information, please check out 4Story!

Downloads, info, & more: 4Story on ggFTW!

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