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Angels Online: The Shadows of Botti Palace

Angels Online
Angels Online

In Angels Online, cooperation and teamwork are crucial if you want to get the most out of the game. When the going gets tough, the members of a good party work together if they want to survive. Of the many challenging locations that stress the importance of cooperation, Botti Palace is one that will make a lasting impression.

Even the bravest of warriors find that Botti Palace can send a chill down the most battle-tested spine. Though it is situated in a remote location, Botti Palace is no ghost town. It has been home to a wide variety of monsters for many years. The white, glowing halls of Botti Palace are filled with strange claw marks and paw prints, and are carpeted in a layer of dust. Beyond the stairwells lurk many monsters, constantly patrolling the grounds for any signs of intruders, which they see as the perfect snack. Savvy players will notice that with every step into these dark passages, the monsters' attack patterns change dramatically. With each battle, players are faced with greater resistance, but they will also begin to uncover the secrets of Eden's history.

The Botti Warden
The Botti Warden is the first boss guarding the hallways of Botti Palace. Powerful magic holds the stony Botti Warden together and also gives him with incredible regenerative powers. The warden is a melee fighter, equipped with strong close-quarter combat abilities and skills. One of the most effective ways to take him down is to concentrate your fire and maintain a continuous attack. This tactic can overcome his regeneration.

After vanquishing the Botti Warden, attentive adventurers will find the names of four even more deadly bosses carved into the stones of these halls. These four priests stand between you and some fabulous treasures and riches. You must defeat the four priests before venturing deeper into Botti Palace.

Thinker's Room: Charming Daphne
Charming Daphne's mesmerizing presence tricks her enemies into underestimating her magic. She can cast powerful spells that deal devastating magic damage. If she nears death, Charming Daphne can split herself into four elemental bodies. This is the ultimate test of any player's elemental resistances.

Library: Mystic Keith
In the depths of the Library, danger lurks in every corner. Mystic Keith waits in silence, ready to strike unsuspecting players. Be careful not to underestimate Mystic Keith. Trained in the art of assassination, he can strike a deadly blow almost instantly. No one knows exactly how strong he is, because few live to tell of the experience.

Ballroom: Dancing Simon
Upon entering the Ballroom, Dancing Simon will captivate adventurers with her graceful dance steps. Hidden in her swan-like movements is the danger of her magic attack, blasting players with destructive power. High magic resistance is essential for survival. Alas, this is not the only danger. Dancing Simon's archers will ambush reckless angels until they look like walking hedgehogs.

The Graves: Fallen Martin
Fallen Martin dwells among the tombs, where his evil servants lie. With a gesture, he can summon the undead to do his bidding. They can quickly overcome any unprepared player. Fallen Martin can also cast powerful spells and inflict a high amount of magic damage very quickly. Look for an opening to engage Fallen Martin in a one-on-one showdown before his army of bones surrounds you.

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