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Angels Online Beach Holidays

Angels Online
Angels Online

For many years, the Angels Online fantasy MMORPG has offered players fun and excitement in a 2D anime-style package packed with stunning effects and cool features. As new players join the fun, the Angels Online community has continued to grow, and the game's awesome scenery is one element that has kept them coming back for more. To prove it, look no farther than the southeastern end of Puqi Island, where the Colorful Coral Reefs are a favorite of many visiting adventurers.

This exotically beautiful area is a perfect paradise for beach lovers and snorkelers alike. Players can hone their skills with the help of "the king of the ocean," an NPC known as Surfer Veifu. He was a famous sea conqueror who braved many storms to achieve greatness.

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The strangely-shaped Colorful Coral Reefs also mark the edge of Atlantis. The reefs lie on a popular travel route between Atlantis and Eden, serving as both a tourist attraction and a means of survival for the many natives living in the area. Bathed in constant waves of warm ocean currents, the reefs attract all manners of sea creatures, from fish to crustaceans. The natives of Puqi Island rise in the wee hours of the morning and return late in the afternoon hauling the catch of the day. The sea and its creatures are their way of life and the basis for their economy.

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At the bottom of the ocean, the rainbow-colored reefs form a seemingly endless barrier. At noon, the sun shines down to the cold ocean floor and reflects the colors of the landscape to the surface, creating an amazing spectacle. The reflected light shimmers in many colors, giving the appearance of a rainbow that has descended into the ocean.

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Fish are not the only ones that call this stretch of reef home; the ocean floor is also a breeding ground for many varieties of plant life. The warm ocean currents bring in plenty of fertilizing materials from the ocean floor, providing the perfect conditions for rare ocean grasses to grow, including Spot Alas, Lycosa Den and Primrose. Some of this natural vegetation is prized by craftsmen. During the day, hordes of industrious gatherers flood the beaches to collect these resources for their production needs.

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Just southwest of the reefs, Mermaid Alice can often be seen basking in the warm sun. A skilled crafter, she designs intricate music boxes that play the most beautiful music ever heard. She seeks just the right materials to make a very special music box. Some distance from her is Cupid, the adventurer's best friend. Cupid has set up a revival spot, an invaluable service for players seeking to explore the unfathomable depths of the ocean.

Toward the Blue Sea stand the majestic Totems of the four main cities. Towering over the crimson horizon, the totems provide a perfect resting place where tired angels can catch their breath and prepare themselves for the next leg of their wild and crazy adventures. Just make sure you enjoy the sights and delights of the sun, sand and sea before you continue on your way.

Check out the official site at to stay up-to-date with everything that's going on in Angels Online. Visit to learn more about IGG's growing family of games.

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