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Allods Online: Undaunted Officially Launched


gPotato has just announced the official launch of the Undaunted update for their hit MMORPG Allods Online. The update has brought in a mass of new content, including a survival mode, new classes, and an overall better experience for the players. To celebrate, gPotato is giving away Gem Shards, which are an alternative to the typical item shop currency, to every Allods Online player.

The Gem Shard boxes could hold anywhere from $1 to $100 worth of Gem Shards, and will be distributed to all currently existing accounts on October 12th. Any new Allods Online accounts will be given a Gem Shard box upon having a character reach level 20.

Players have plenty of content to dive into in the Allods Online: Undaunted update. The fatigue system has been removed; there are two new classes, the Elven psionicist and the Xadaganian mage; a new dungeon and mode, the Mausoleum of Sparks and its Survival Mode; and even interior decorations for the Astra ships!

For more information, please check out Allods Online!

Downloads, info, & more: Allods on ggFTW!

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