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AIKA Global Mini Flash Game

Aika Online
Aika Online

New and old players can now get a glimpse of what the future looks like for them inside the world of AIKA Global, the newest MMO from T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft Inc. together with Redbana Philippines. The official site of the game has brought out new mini games in its new "Pass Time Corner." It now has two flash games, a character simulator and a quiz game called, Pran Conversion. The character simulator speaks for itself; players can get a glimpse of what available job classes look like. There are also armor and weapon sets to choose from. A button on the side makes the character attack on command in a short video demo. The video is taken from inside the game itself so it is realistic in relation to what they will encounter inside. This game can aid those who are still deciding as to what job to choose when starting out. The character simulator is free and signing up or logging in isn't required.

The other game, Pran Conversion, is more of a question-and-answer type of game. A Pran, one of the races in AIKA Global who serves as a loyal ally to the Elter Race, begins by asking random questions to the quiz taker. The questions that will be thrown are the same ones from the game. The Pran develops its own personality as it grows and reaches its teen stage that's highly dependent on their master's answers to their questions. So for this game, we have 10 questions and in the end, your "future" Pran is shown. Just like the other mini game, this requires no log-in details.

Download the game today at

*AIKA Global's service will be available to countries around the world with the exception of The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Russia

Downloads, info, & more: Aika Online on ggFTW!

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