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Aida Arenas Reveals First Two Characters

Aida Arenas
Aida Arenas

Game Bridger Entertainment, a global publisher of interactive online entertainment media and the proprietor of the GamerKraft global free-to-play gaming portal, revealed today the first two playable character classes in its upcoming MMORPG Brawler, Aida Arenas. In this first ever gameplay footage of Aida Arenas, players will see the Fighter and Cleric classes showing off their loot and demonstrating their skills before heading off to the arena to put them to good use against some unsuspecting monsters!

The Fighter laughs at puny weapons! No, you won't catch him with a gun or a grenade; he favors a much more destructive weapon: his fists! Pow! And don't worry about getting up close and personal with enemies, the Fighter soaks up punishment as good as he dishes it out.

The Cleric, with her long staff and magical abilities, is a mid-to-close range class. Are baddies surrounding you on every side? One spin of the Cleric's trusty staff will teach them to keep their distance! The Cleric's reach also makes her a great choice in the PvP arena!

CREATE a hero, EXPLORE dungeons, FIGHT monsters, COMPETE with friends, and DISCOVER hidden treasure in AIDA Arenas, the new MMORPG Brawler from GamerKraft! Combining elements of the classic beat ‘em up arcade genre with the character progression and social features of modern MMORPGs – Aida Arenas offers an action-packed gameplay experience unlike any you've seen before!

Aida Arenas will be free to download and play. Visit the Aida Arenas homepage at: Follow Aida Arenas on Facebook at:

Downloads, info, & more: Aida Arenas on ggFTW!

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