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AdventureQuest Worlds: We Made Farmville Possible

Adventure Quest Worlds
Adventure Quest Worlds

According to Artix Entertainment, Lady GaGa could not have entered Farmville if AdventureQuest Worlds had not paved the way.

Bullshit, we say.

Artix claims that its numerous celebrity appearances inspired celebrity appearances in other popular (and MUCH more successful) online games.

In fairness, this is the type of press release that would normally flunk our journalistic integrity check but this claim was so ridiculous we just had to put it out there.

We feel that attempting to locate the first recorded appearance of a celebrity guest would be futile, Sesame Street had C-3PO as a celebrity guest as early as 1980. For those not up on Internet history, the "World Wide Web" didn't even exist until CERN took the project public in 1991.

Protip: With a release date of 2008, C-3PO's celebrity appearance predates your launch by almost three decades.

Back to the crazy claims by AdventureQuest Worlds, Artix claims its 2009 appearance of Voltaire made celebrity appearances in Farmville, FreeRealms, and Wizard101 all possible.

No, just no guys.

For your daily lulz, here is a link of the unedited press release as published by Gamasutra:

If we didn't drive this point clearly home, this has to be one of the WORST attempts to ride another's coattails of success we've ever seen.

Now back to reporting real game news. Cheerio~

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