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ACE Online Infinity Field 3 Patch

ACE Online
ACE Online

A highly anticipated patch, the Infinity Field 3 patch, has just been released for Wicked Interactive's MMO space shooter ACE Online. The Infinity Field is an instanced player vs. monster event, which pits ACE Online players against stage after stage of combat to earn some nice drops. Infinity Field can only be done once per day.

A bit more has come with the patch, as well. There are the new monsters Caim, Andras, Berith and Eligor. Additionally, there is new armor that is inspired by these elusive enemies. And as a bit of celebration, there is also going to be an experience rate increase, and a login event for ACE Online players.

For more information, please check out ACE Online.

Downloads, info, & more: ACE Online on ggFTW!

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