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15 Years of Joymax!

Exciting news for the game developer and publisher Joymax, they are turning 15 this month. To celebrate, Joymax is going to be hosting a number of events to thank the loyal fans and gamers. Starting with their breakout hit Silkroad Online, Joymax has made leaps and bounds in the realm of game developing and publishing.

Two events will be running from today until April 13th to reward the players who play games on the Joymax portal. The "Large Recharge" event will randomly select players to win back all the Silk they've purchased throughout the week (up to 1500), and the "Fortune 1500" event will award 15 Silk to a selection of 1500 players who have spent 15 or more Silk during the celebration week. Additionally, another huge event is being planned and developed for Silkroad Online and Silkroad R.

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