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zOMG Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Dive into the world of zOMG, a world where the "Animated" run rampant and it's your job to save the world with the power of rings in this MMO. This game boasts an extreme amount of character customization, plot, and great graphics and soundtracks for a browser-based game.

The world of zOMG is purely fantastic. You begin in a train station, where the "animated," monsters that were once imamate objects, like garden gnomes or trash cans. They are extremely aggressive and want all "Naturals," including humans, dead. You must find a way to protect yourself from them, or be dead.

The gameplay of zOMG is similar to isometric 2-D games, like Trickster Online. You use a point-and-click function to move around, but what the zOMG sets it apart from other games is the "Ring System." How system works is quite simple: You acquire a ring (instead of a sword, like traditional games), and you gain ability, anywhere from a shark blasting an opponent back to a healing skill that revives a fallen opponent back to light. You also receive a "Charge bar," which functions to bolster the abilities of one's rings. You can equip eight rings at a time, and each can be activated my pressing numbers on your keyboard.

zOMG Review Screenshots

A typical battle in zOMG. Very fast-paced for a browser game

Instead of refining weapons with a chance to break the weapon, zOMG surpasses this system by allowing upgrading rings with special orbs you collect during your journey with no failure rates. This allows for reliable attack and defense bolstering of you arsenal to fight the "animated" without worrying if your +5 ring will break on you. Some rings offer sets, which provide passive abilities when you collect four. The ring system is very, very versatile and an excellent innovation for such a game.

The character design comes from the popular website Gaia Online. There, you have thousands upon thousands of items to dress up your character with. The sky is the limit when making a character! Your character's abilities will be determined through your rings, so there exists no specific "class," as all the rings can be mixed and matched for your own specific taste. For original characters written into the storyline, they have fair character art, but the monsters are very original and most of the monsters are unique to only one area, like a sand castle monster in a beach to a wolf in a forest. Your character runs in a goofy, but charming manner, for they move my shuffling their feet in a cartoonish fashion, which gives the game a light-hearted, but welcome glow. The animations in the game, specifically the ring's abilities, are fantastic. Most browser-based games do not put so much effort in such things, but zOMG takes the cake by pushing their imagination to the limits.

zOMG's community is very, very kind. All of them treat you with kind, cordial gestures of kindness, and almost always want to work as a team. In fact, I find myself healing all the units in an area out of pure altruism and the group thanked me with gregarious words of thanks.

The only negative aspect to zOMG is the length of the game: the adventure to all the areas in the game can be beatable within several days. Other than the very, very short game, it takes a very long time for the developers to create another patch that augments the play area.

All things said, zOMG is a great browser-based MMO. With Gaia Online providing character customization for seemingly unlimited aesthetic choices from the innovative, completely original ring system, zOMG completely pushes the ability of a browser-based game. I highly recommend trying this game out for yourself!

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