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  • Name: zOMG!
  • Type: Browser Based
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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US Gaia Interactive Open Beta Official Site N/A

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About zOMG!

zOMG! is widely varied with lots of local flavor differentiating one area from another. There are many areas to experience, whether open grass fields, dense jungles, sandy beaches, ancient ruins, public towns or zen gardens to journey through.


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Not a bad game really. It can be annoying trying to get rings, especially since you can't actually sell the rings in the marketplace (then again, that would make all the rich people INSTANT PRO LOL). There's a few fairly hard quests (Kokeshi doll comes to mind) but overall, it's fun. You don't have to be one of those rich dudes that's been in Gaia for years to have fun, since it sets everyone on equal footing.

Mitchi - 02-15-2011

Oh wow. Since when Gaia's MMO have a page now?! Anyway, for me I do not have a very good impression when I start my game on my main account... Combat is not as addicting as a certain bunny-eared MMORPG i'm playing... But if delicated enough, it should not be that hard to complete story mode. Oh and make good Gold for selling Ingredients and zOMG-made items at the Gaia Marketplace. (Especially during seasonal event items... Those sell alot if watch the MP alot!)

Gaap - 11-28-2010

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