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Wonderland Online Review by Momiji

  • Author: james
  • Last Updated: April 18th, 2011

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Wonderland Online is a turn-based MMORPG very similar to Atlantica Online as well as other turn-based games such as the Final Fantasy series. Battle-wise you can have random encounters much like the Final Fantasy series where you are presented with a group of monsters, much like any turn-based MMO, and the actual battle plays out much like a battle in Final Fantasy would with one goal: defeat all of the enemy monsters. Wonderland Online sports pretty basic gameplay that's easy to get a hang of. However, there are some aspects different from Final Fantasy and other common turn-based games. The major difference is the lack of a true class system. In Wonderland, there actually isn't a class system, but more of an element system that to an extent decides what kind of role you play in a fight.

The game also has a unique transportation that allows players to move between real countries and continents, for example Japan is a location in Wonderland, through the use of boats, airplanes, UFOs, and other user-created items. These transportation items are a part of the game's extensive crafting system that is a major part of the game, especially when you get to higher levels.

The game does also offer a free item that allows the player to be controlled by an AI while they are away (essentially a bot item), which helps for easy farming. If you're not a fan of botting, then I would stay away from this game because a lot of players take advantage of it.

This game is certainly for everyone. Turn-based gameplay in an MMO is definitely not for everyone, and some people may even be discouraged by turn-based gameplay. Additionally, the gameplay is quite repetitive, you essentially turn on the botting device to make the game move the character around for you; when a battle begins you do the fighting. This does not change as you get further into the game. Skills are learned at specific levels and when specific stat requirements are met.

Wonderland Online Screenshots

A view of the turn-based combat in Wonderland Online. Here is a basic battle shown. Notice the ring of commands centered around the main character that serves as the menu for actions ranging from basic attack (the sword) to an ability (the staff).

Graphics and Music

The game features a very nostalgic graphic design that is reminiscent of the first console video games' graphics. Though they have been stepped up a notch from the earlier games, they are still inspired by earlier games. If you're looking for high-quality graphics in a MMO then this MMO is definitely not for you.

Unlike the game's graphics, Wonderland features a more modern-sounding soundtrack that accompanies it. Most of these songs are repeated throughout the game featuring a universal cave theme for most caves and a universal field theme, which can become repetitive after playing for long periods of time. I personally play Wonderland with iTunes open and listening to my own music.

Wonderland Online Screenshots

As nostalgic as the retro-inspired graphics of Wonderland are, they are certainly not for everyone.

Cash Shop

I did not play Wonderland long enough to see the full effects of the cash shop, known as the Item Mall, but taking a quick browse through it while I played, I felt like I got a general feel of what was available and how it affects the game overall.

Firstly, there are your standard cash items such as EXP-Boost Potions and a wider variety of furniture for your house. As well as your standard Gacha system, known as the Lottery, which has several different themes that affect what items you can get. But also, there are equipments that have stats on them, just about all equipments in the Item Mall have stats. As I said earlier, I did not get far enough to see many players using cash items, but I can safely assume from my experience with MMOs that cash items with stats on them usually create a large imbalance between those who pay frequently, pay every-so-often, and those that never pay. This imbalance is never good for any MMO.

Wonderland Online Screenshots

Some of the equipments found in the Item Mall of Wonderland Online. Usually equipments with stats on them create an imbalance between the paying customers and those that play for free.


Turn-based MMOs are not for everyone, and unfortunately Wonderland Online doesn't create an exciting and dynamic combat system, often having the player do the same actions throughout their entire Wonderland career. While the graphics are cute and nostalgic, not everyone enjoys retro-themed graphics, especially when coupled with generally bland gameplay. There is plenty of potential that lies in Wonderland Online, however it remains untapped and so the game remains bland and boring.

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