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WonderKing Online Review by ThisIsAPen

  • Author: ThisIsAPen
  • Last Updated: August 1st, 2011

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WonderKing Online is a 2D side scrolling MMORPG published by nDoors, but later transferred to IGNITED Games. This game immerses the player into a fantasy themed world filled with frightening and adorable creatures ranging from cute bunnies to zombie pirates. You may know some popular 2D MMORPGs such as the acclaimed Maplestory or LaTale. I present to you another 2D MMO that may be added to your plethora of MMOs worth trying.

First off, let's take a look at the class. In WonderKing Online, there are four classes to start off with, each later branching off into two different classes, IE: Swordsman -> Knight or Warrior. Most of all, you're able to differentiate from the two advanced classes based on what armor they wear. After the first advancement into their distinctive class, the player is then given the challenge to level again to a certain level (80) to advance into a far more advanced class, IE: Swordsman -> Warrior -> Beserker. In character creation, the player is given the option to start off as one of four classes, and is given options to choose gender, hair color, eye color, and starting clothes. Once the player created their character, they are then sent off to start their adventure in a simple tutorial guiding the player through the basics of the game.

WonderKing Online Screenshots

As for things to do in this game, there are quite a few interesting options, per se mining, where the player enters the mines armed with a pickax, they mine ores and minerals used for the game's feature of crafting. In crafting, you specialize in one of three things, armor, weapons, and materials, you will need help from others to make what you need, or use the given three character slots to craft what you desire. There are at times where doing things yourself won't cut it, and that's where the item search comes into play, you are able to browse through tons of items being sold by players with price comparison, this feature is highly convenient to many players.

WonderKing Online Screenshots

Another feature given to players is instanced areas and bosses, where you band together (or fight alone) to tackle challenging missions whether it be fighting giant scorpions that shoot lasers or defending a stockpile of food. Sadly enough, most of these missions are nearly impossible without the assistance of a party; due to the low player base, finding a party for a specific run is near impossible unless you have friends. Another interesting feature for this game is the competitive feature, player versus player matches, these fights are ranked battles that reflect on your PvP rank, duelist being the beginning rank. In PvP, players are given a major hp buff that make a match last quite a bit, there is a time limit, so fret not about those who are running low on time. The PvP is fun for a bit, the community isn't as bad as most popular games. The PvP has balance issues where some classes dominate others completely, per se gunslinger, and those who are completely overwhelmed, per se saint.

The amount of time it takes from one town to another is cut short with the use of the warp, but heading to a certain location lacking a warp may be a pain due to some mobs being able to stun you. This problem is avoided through the use of mounts. Sadly mounts seem to be a cash-only kind of thing if you seek a permanent mount. Timed mounts are offered through job advancement and events.

When it comes down to it, the game has a unique charm to it that other 2D MMO's are missing and has a fair level of grinding and sense of achievement. If you're looking for a casual 2D MMORPG, then give WonderKing Online a chance.


- Unique crafting system

- Item search without having to look through shop after shop

- Selling items even if you're offline

- Unique Classes each with their own perks and skills

- Bosses and instance quests for party play

- Rewards just for logging in and attending daily

- Events offer lots a free stuff

- Easily travel through town with the warp system


- Pvp balance issues with certain classes over powering others

- Mounts are cash, if not timed

- Low playerbase, hard to find a party for instances and bosses

- Repetitive gameplay at most times

- Lack of customization options unless cashed

- Content lacking even though released for over two years

- Quirky 2D graphics may not appeal to some

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