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WonderKing Online Review by Momiji

  • Author: james
  • Last Updated: April 19th, 2011

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WonderKing Online is a 2D side-scrolling MMO very similar to LaTale and MapleStory which it obviously draws inspiration from in many aspects. Just like LaTale and MapleStory, the general point of the game is to beat monsters up, to beat bosses up, and to level up and change into a variety of jobs. WonderKing is a solid alternative to MapleStory for those who like side-scrollers without the insanely large community. Which is true about WonderKing, it has a considerably smaller community.

There are four main classes in WonderKing: Swordsman, Archer, Mage, and Thief. Upon creating a character you select your class and once again select your class's focus at level 30 where each main class splits off again into two specialized classes that focus on different attributes, and then again at level 80 you switch your class to one that has been predetermined based on which class you picked at level 30. This is the main concept of WonderKing, to level and change classes to defeat more bosses with greater ease.

Between MapleStory (what it is most frequently compared with) and WonderKing there actually isn't that much difference at all. The biggest difference I found while playing it would be the general quicker pace of the game (there are players that get to the level cap of 140 in a mere week of moderately casual play) with a smaller end-game content.

WonderKing Online Screenshots

Some of the monsters that you can come across during your journey to 140 in WonderKing.

Graphics and Music

WonderKing has graphics that are inspired mostly from anime and manga, with a more chibi look in comparison to other side-scrolling MMOs. These graphics are beautifully done and feature a wide variety of scenery that include elven forests, dark beaches, and mysterious labs. Out of the big three (LaTale, WonderKing, MapleStory) 2D side-scrolling MMOs, WonderKing by far has the most detailed graphics out of the three.

Like most games, WonderKing is supported by a generally upbeat soundtrack that always suits the main area you are fighting in. Such as in the dark beaches, the music is quieter and much more ominous to support the atmosphere of the area.

WonderKing Online Screenshots

Here is an example of WonderKing's beautifully done graphics which also includes its incredibly sleek and easy to understand UI.

Cash Shop

The Cash Shop, known as Item Mall, for WonderKing contains the typical cash items. There's fashion, hair-dyes, special hairs, eye-coloring, special eyes, as well as the standard EXP-Boosting coupons as well as Drop Rate-Boosting coupons.

But there is are also infamous items that are frequently added by nDoors which if you've played Trickster Online before, you may be familiar with. If you haven't, these items are boxes that give you a random item with each box and in each box there is a specific set that contains a high amount of stats that is counted as a fashion item (therefore can be worn with regular equips) as well as other items, that are generally garbage in comparison to these high-statted items.

Aside from the random boxes, the Item Mall in WonderKing is well balanced and allows there to exist an equal balance between non-paying and paying players.


Overall, WonderKing Online makes for an excellent 2D side-scrolling MMO with a large amount of variety as well as customization (through the Item Mall). Its gameplay is supplemented by beautiful graphics that contain an immense amount of variety and detail. I would highly recommend this game if you are a big fan of small 2D side-scrolling MMOs.

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