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Wolf Team Review by TeruyaEiko

  • Author: TeruyaEiko
  • Last Updated: April 19th, 2011

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Wolf Team is a MMOFPS Hosted by Softnyx (Global) and Aeria Games (North America). Wolf team is a sci-fi FPS which features the ability to turn into a werewolf to aid you in killing your opponents. There are various modes in wolf team, which either utilizes the wolf feature substantially, or does not include the feature at all, therefore playing like a normal FPS.

In normal matches players spawn as humans and have the ability to transform quickly into a werewolf, which are able to run sideways on walls, and have extremely powerful melee attacks (they have no ranged attacks). The ability to change between a wolf and human changes the gameplay dramatically from a normal FPS to a fast paced FPS depending upon your skill. With this normal mode, there is also a Human Deathmatch and Survival Mode. The Human Deathmatch mode is played without the wolves, making it just a normal fps. The Survival Mode is played either with wolves or without. Players have one life only, but can be revived by other live players. The team that has the most players at the end of the game, or the team that has killed off all the enemy players win.

Wolf Team Screenshots

The featured mode in wolf team is Wolf Conquest. This game is played with bases, which are scattered across the map. Any member of a team can capture a base by standing near it for roughly 5-10 seconds. The team that has the most bases at the end of the time limit wins, or the team that captures all the bases. In Wolf Conquest One team play as only wolves, and the other team play as only humans. In this mode there are many different wolves you can play as with each a different ability (ex. Ghost wolf, Smart wolf, Psycho Wolf, Guardian Wolf.etc). One may think that the mode is really unbalanced and one side will win all the time, but this is not the case. The teams are usually very balanced and are won by a tight margin, although there will be the cases where very unskilled players cause the defeat of the team.

Wolf Team Screenshots

Although the game is relatively balanced and fun, the version hosted by Aeria Games has a very unbalanced Cash shop. Users who charge cash gain a very unfair advantage over non-cash users. In the cash shop, cash users are able to purchase enhanced guns, which have much higher stats, and therefore incredibly easy to kill with. They are also able to purchase armor and different characters, which have much higher defense and health, making them hard to kill. This is very apparent in the Knife, Pistol, Grenade only matches, where cash users not only have a very high defense and Hp and are hard to kill, but are also allowed to bring a special cash sub-machine gun labeled as "pistol". The game is victim to hackers, and they can be found occasionally in Wolf Team. The most common type of hacking or cheating is tapping. This is when people purposefully lag other people, making everyone very easy to kill.

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Overall Wolf team is a great game with good modes, although the Aeria Games version is subject to large imbalances caused by the cash shop. The Softnyx version of Wolf Team is subject to large amounts of hacks and is rather hard to play. Personally I recommend this game and suggest if you are interested, play the Aeria Games version, because one will find less hacks and occasional imbalances.

Wolf Team Screenshots

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