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Vindictus Review by Harlequin

  • Author: Joey
  • Last Updated: August 1st, 2011

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Vindictus (Also known as Mabinogi Heroes) is a game set 300 years prior to developer DevCat's game Mabinogi. However, don't let that fool you. Other than story similarities, there isn't much similar between the two games. While Mabinogi is more of a standard RPG game, Vindictus would be considered an Action/Battle MMO (with excellent gameplay, I might add). In Vindictus, you begin the game by selecting your character (Lann, Fiona, Evie, or Karok) and immediately diving into combat, where you climb a tower and battle a giant spider. You are then moved to a screen where you're talking to Tieve (the Oracle), who asks your name. At this point, you can begin your character customization. When completed, you're sent to the Crimson Blades, where you begin your first real missions.

Vindictus Screenshots

Sorry, did I just blow your mind?

The graphics in this game really are outstanding. The realistic textures of things such as wood, fur, and stone... The time put in on character and enemy design... It's all handled so well, I just wanted to point it out. The graphics shine their brightest immediately after a boss battle, when the snapshots are flashing by. Things are blurred just right, the realism is outstanding, everything is done to an outstanding level.

Vindictus Screenshots

This wouldn't have to happen, if you just would've just let me borrow your goggles.

The character selection isn't particularly outstanding (yet), but the game is still being frequently updated, so I'll let that slide. As it stands, there are 4 characters to choose from. Lann, who is a fast-paced fighter with medium-damage (but spammable) hits; Fiona, who is a medium/slow-paced fighter with medium/high damage (both dependent on several factors), who is also the only character who carries a shield; Evie, a medium/fast-paced character with medium/high damage (both dependent on several factors), who is also the only character who can use magic and alchemy; and Karok, a slow-paced character with high damage, who is also the only character capable of grabbing/lifting many types of things (thanks to his sheer size). The play-style varies from character to character, as one would expect it to.

So, in the end, I give Vindictus a 9 out of 10. The gameplay is excellent, the graphics are excellent... Hell, I even enjoy the sound, and that's really saying something come from me (the guy who mutes all MMOs instinctively). So yes, I highly recommend Vindictus to all players who enjoy violent, fast-paced MMOs. And to all the other players too. Just go play it already!


-fast-paced gameplay

-frequent updates

-exciting raids

-good character customization

-gorgeous graphics


-very reliant on party-play

-connection in missions is peer to peer (based on party host's connection)

-not many characters to choose from

This review is written on June 17, 2011, and as such, all opinions are subject to change over time.

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