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Trickster Online Review by Silver Rook

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Trickster Online is an 2D free-to-play MMORPG based on 8 different characters. Bringing back the old feel of your classical isometric projection with a simple click to move and action style, this game has the charms for our much more casual MMO gamers. Developed by NTreev, Trickster Online has already been providing us with at least five solid years of entertainment. It may not have the hype and thrill of Mabinogi, Vindictus or the popularity of Maplestory, but it's still going on strong!

Systems and Configurations

Trickster Online would practically run on any computer available on the market because of the low system requirements available for this game. There are two available servers in Trickster that allows you to deal with the possible latency issues with multiple channels to channel the population flow into manageable bits. With a simple-to-understand Options to configure the game to your very own choice, you can optimize the game to your very own preferences. However, Trickster Online does still receive multiple errors and resolution faults. Considering the fact that the game is almost nearing towards it's first decennial (It's 10th anniversary). However, it's still a worth to try with available fixes on the web.

Trickster Review Screenshots

Graphics and Animations

For a 2D game, Trickster Online has a pretty smooth outflow of sprites. The 2D isometric style character sprites fits in perfectly with the available semi-3D background. This creates a mirage of being able to travel up and down on a 2D platform. It captures the essence of the classical 2D style MMORPG that's pretty rare in recent times and amplifies that point in a beautiful way. However, it's to be noted that the game only runs on the old 800 by 600 graphical resolution. It is thus recommended to run the game in it's windowed form.

Trickster Review Screenshots

Gameplay and Storyline

The basic gameplay of Trickster Online really speaks miles for itself. Being able to freely control your character to move to specific places with simple mouse clicks are definitely a plus factor. On the other hand, it gives the player a sense of control. The controls for the game itself couldn't be even more simpler for casual players. Just press the key located in the hot-key boxes and select your target!

The game itself has multiple ways to play and many different ways to level. It's on a different level compared with other games however, as the game enables you to increase, gain experience and train two different levels at once. One allows you to train your Attribute status and another one that enables you to increase your skill levels and thus makes the gaming experience much more immersive in a different way.

In Trickster Online, there is 4 available main groups and 8 available classes, one can experiment through the different play styles and unique abilities of each available character. From the tomboyish school student, the quiet school librarian, to your ever popular primadonnas and famous archeologists, the character choices in Trickster Online enables to you push your imagination to it's limits!

The gameplay itself is pretty dynamic. You can choose to grind through levels towards fame and fortune, or you can dig underground for fantastic prizes and rich rewards. Many quests are available for both players that prefers to use brute force and players who prefers to retrieve items and cards. Even though digging for items can be a little frustrating at times, the end results are usually pretty rewarding.

The PvP in Trickster Online is pretty unbalanced. However, this brings in a whole new level of creativity for the players. Should you pick a fight against someone that has an advantage against your class? Should you run from the battle instead? This makes the game itself interesting in a way that you could easily turn the tide of battle towards your favor.

One important point, though. No matter how true it is that you do not require Cash Shop items to play casually on Trickster Online, you do require them if you're attempting to ride the main flow of the PvP community. The Cash Shop items, named as MyShop items, will give a advantage in comparison with the default items available in the game. Other than just giving you a possible advantage in terms of battle, it allows you to remove useless skills to retrieve the required ability points spent in learning them.

Trickster Review Screenshots

Audio and Music Quality

There is nothing much special about the music or audio cues in Trickster Online. It is pretty agreeable with, however it gets repetitive after a while. The audio cues for spells and skills do hit a beat from time to time. However, the recent updates for pets to communicate and speak is a little annoying from time to time. This can be easily removed by twiddling with the options.

Trickster Online is a pretty interesting game. One can easily get addicted to it from time to time. There's pretty much available events bi-weekly, thus increasing the "immersive" aspect of this game. Grab a friend or two and explore the world of Trickster Online! Personally, seeing that I've spent almost 2 to 3 years of my life playing this particular game, it deserves a score quota of 8/10.

That shall be my final score.

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