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Trickster Online Review by Momiji

  • Author: james
  • Last Updated: April 11th, 2011

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Trickster Online is a high input low output game. The game eats a lot more resources in comparison to other games of its type. This is probably because there is no way to lower the quality of the graphics themselves, though there are ways to turn off some of the more flashy effects, turning those off won't save players with below average computers.


Trickster Online is your typical point-and-click MMORPG. You left click to go to location X and you left click to attack monster Y. To make things exciting, skills are registered on 5 different quickslots which take up F1 to F8 on your keyboard. Classes follow a very unique system with 4 different types, each serving a specific role from damage dealers to tanks, from mages to assassins. There are two main classes in each type, each locked into a specific gender making guys playing girl characters and girls playing guy characters a common occurrence in the game. Overall the gameplay of Trickster Online is very bland and very repetitive.

Trickster Review Screenshots

Some of the classes in Trickster Online. Top: The two Sense types, the Lion (left) and the Fox (right). Bottom: A Charm type, the Cat (left), and a Power type, the Buffalo (left).

Graphics and Music

Where Trickster Online truly shines is its graphics. The game is chock-full of flashy effects from skills, including auras and sparkling shields. Not to mention there is a wide variety of themes for locations ranging from haunted schools to towns situated in the shadow of a volcano. Whereas the gameplay for Trickster Online is absolutely bland, the graphics make up for the gameplay greatly.

As for Trickster Online's soundtrack, a lot of maps share the exact same song. Although the music for the game is absolutely wonderful, after about an hour of listening to the same tune while grinding you'll want to listen your own music.

Trickster Review Screenshots

An example of the wide range of scenery in Trickster Online. The left screen features an underwater city for mermaids, while the right screen features a town situated in a swampy bog.

Cash Shop

Cash shop, known as MyShop in Trickster Online, plays a very large role in the game. MyShop can provide a full set of gear that is superior to almost all in-game gear, with the exception being a boss's "Unique Legendary" set. However aside from the boss sets, all in-game gear is inferior to MyShop. Not to mention the fact that the boss sets also have a ridiculously low drop rate.

Trickster Review Screenshots

A comparison of MyShop and in-game gear of similar. The MyShop item is the item on the right, and is clearly superior to the in-game item on the left.


Although Trickster Online is an amazing game in terms of graphics and content, it falls short in terms actual gameplay. The cash shop creates too much disparity between players who pay and players who do not play.

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