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Trickster Online Review by Kyzuumi

  • Author: Queen
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Trickster Online is a free-to-play MMORPG published by SG Interactive, and it follows the story of adventurers known as Tricksters who have come to the island of Caballa for their own unique reasons.

System: C

Trickster Online’s system requirements, while for some players can be steep (unable to log in because the area is too active for their computer), Trickster Online for the most part, runs very smoothly, but for being a 2.5D cutesy-pixel game, it eats just as much or more of your resources than your standard 3D game. The most you can do to minimize the extra pretty/useless effects in TO is to remove map effects (little lights like fireflies and snow) and other effects (like map portals). There aren’t any levels to turn down, what you see is what you get.

For the longest time, Trickster wouldn’t work or wouldn’t work well on the latest Windows Operating Systems, Windows Vista. A recent removal of the Gameguard has fixed this.

Gameplay: B-

Trickster Online has four class types (power, magic, sense, and type), each with two specializes which and gender-locked within. There are two job advancements, and once you hit the second job, your skill pool differs from your opposite-gender counterpart. For example, in the charm class, there’s a cat and raccoon character. At second job, cats get skills mostly based around pure defense (for example, Sumo Suit, which absorbs almost half of damage dealt) and raccoons skills are based on cards and protecting party members. They throw cards to deal damage and can take damage for their party members. For third job, you can either gain the second job skills of your counterpart, or further specialize with powerful third job skills. Although there are tank classes (charms) and healers (priests), they’re not needing in a party or anything – all classes are powerful on their own, so it’s impossible to really pick a wrong class.

Trickster Review Screenshots

The charm classes have transformation skills, which are pretty fun to play around with

Trickster is a pretty basic point-and-click. You hover over the monster and click them, the same for most skills, except for a few AoEs originating from your character. Movement is clicking, you click on NPCs, monsters, other players. It can get mundane, but the overall cuteness of the game and some of the shinier skills can make it more interesting. Leveling is mostly achieved through completing Key Quests, which are tasks to do for the local villages, and the Episode Quests, where you learn about the history of Caballa Island.

Trickster Review Screenshots

A sweet little beach, what a wonderful way to start your adventure

Community: C-

The community, frankly, is ran by the people who have access to Myshop, which currently is running rampant in the game and has been for quite so time. Much of the economy in Trickster is ran by the flow of myshop in all its forms, fuses, refining precious unique Boss equipment, and having access to items which can enhance compounding. Starting Trickster, because of this, can be difficult. People tend to hoard rare uniques, refine them and put a lot of cash shop into them, and sell them at inflated prices, which are already high without any additions to enhance them. That being said, I’ve seen a lot of people work with NPC equips. My favorite part of Trickster personally, is guilds. Finding a good guild is probably key in any MMO, but in Trickster it just makes the whole experience a lot more fun.

Graphics: B

Trickster is adorable, hands down. The main city, Megalopolis, However, it eats up a lot of resources for a lot of cute adorable pixels. The audio gets really repetitive and at times incredibly annoying. I strongly suggest you just listen to a playlist of your own while playing TO.

Trickster Review Screenshots

Sometimes, it's the little details that can really attract you.

Overall Score: C+

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