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Transformice Review by Kotarou

  • Author: Kotarou
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Little itty bitty mice, running around, getting cheese, and returning to their mousehole to enjoy their spoils. This is Transformice!

Transformice! is a browser (or client, there's a standalone client now) you can play for either 5 minutes, or hours on end, depending on its appeal to you. You control a single mouse, whose mission is to retrieve a piece of cheese on a platform-ish level, and return to the mousehole. Sound easy?

Transformice Review by Kotarou

Not in Transformice. The mice start out usually at their mousehole (most basic stages), and the stages are filled with lots of puzzles and dangers, that of where the average mouse is not able to traverse. Various traps, invisible floors, FAKE floors, anti-gravity, sliding platforms, and UPSIDE DOWN stages thwart your progress to get the cheese. Furthermore, in some stages, the mice take up their own individual space, ie. you can't overlap with another mouse, making movement harder. What's a mouse to do?

For some of these trickier stages, a special mouse called the "Shaman" comes into play. The Shaman mouse possesses special powers;- the ability to magically create crates, boxes, wooden platforms, balloons, anvils, and an assortment of construction materials to assist the rest of the mice in getting the cheese. In general, the mice are at the mercy of the (or two) Shamans. Working together is essential in this game, for better or for worse.

Transformice Review by Kotarou

More experienced players may even get to create their own map for other players to try out (A player must have gathered at least 1000 cheese total, and it costs 40 cheese to make one map). If its liked, it stays in the game, otherwise, too many negative votes will remove it from the system. The game also has a shop players can use to add bling to their mouse (hats, sunglasses, etc.), and the currency is the cheese the player has gathered. It is also possible to get titles, but they are also for cosmetic purposes only.


I found myself laughing at the completely comedic antics of the mice - its fun to play with a bunch of people (mice) as we struggle to get our cheese. In most cases, bunching together will ensure failure (bridge collapses, board flips over, etc.), and you WILL laugh at said failure. Failing is totally okay - chances are, one or more mice also fell into the same trap as you did, and you learn new things about the stages, and tactics employed to overcome them. The game also applies some degree of (troll) physics, especially the dreaded ANVIL GOD. Tread lightly, or you may just end up with 'No cheese for you ^_^'!

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