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Tiara Concerto

Tiara Concerto

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  • Name: Tiara Concerto
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Tiara Concerto

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Gamania Announced Official Site N/A

Tiara Concerto Media

About Tiara Concerto

The ultimate force in the inverse sine has brought about the devastating "Star Sine Trial". Because of this, Humans and the Star Galaxy have been on the verge of devastation, and have fallen into despair. Earth has since been lost in a sub-dimension, and humans continue to survive on solitary floating islands. The only means of transport are airships. However, various dangers, monsters, aliens, and relics lurk throughout the lesser developed islands.
At this time, an intangible and dreamlike force gradually awakens - with the vibration of different melodies, this force can produce a multitude of magic effects known as "Tuning Magic". When music and melodies are manipulated, they resonate with past forces, play key roles, and can even possibly re-open sub dimensional gates to return Earth to its former glory...


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I was hoping for a MMORPG with a mini music-game element. Sweet cows it's pretty (if also moe too)!

Gaap - 08-30-2011

The gameplay should be good, gonna play it too

ioana2008v - 08-26-2011

It looks pretty; ill give it a shot

ThisIsAPen - 08-12-2011

I hope this game comes out soon, I've been waiting for months already!

Misaki - 03-19-2011

Tiara Concerto News

Gamania Announces Tiara Concerto

Gamania has announced that the musical adventure MMORPG, Tiara Concerto, is destined for global release. Not much else is available at the moment but we'll be sure to keep everyone ... Read more

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