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Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

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  • Name: Spiral Knights
  • Type: Browser Based
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Spiral Knights

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Indie Closed Beta Official Site N/A

Spiral Knights Media

About Spiral Knights

As a Spiral Knight, you must delve deep below the surface of the world into the mechanical labyrinth known as The Clockworks. This colossal complex of turning gears and unnatural machinery is filled with massive slabs of alien worlds and home to a legion of terrible monsters. This great machine is in constant motion and is always changing the worlds it creates. An exciting adventure awaits that will take you to the planet's very core, where the Spiral Knights will discover the purpose of The Clockworks and who or what created it. So take up your sword and join your fellow knights in a world that offers new adventures every day!


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Seems like a halfways decent game.

Cait - 02-20-2013

a mix between legend of zelda and bomberman. It's not based on stats and depends mostly on the players ability to attack dodge and shield. Takes practice and patience to play but i find it really enjoyable and the aesthetics are vibrant and pleasing.

coolbluex - 02-14-2012

Games very fun if it wasn't so real life money oriented. To be honest this game shouldn't have been free-to-play if you really cant do anything when you don't pay. Other then that one feature, this game is constantly being update with more content. Definitely keep your eye on this game.

LeopoldIII - 02-14-2012

Starts out fun and great. Game has a cash-based economy which dictates your Dungeon'ing and crafting. Most of the time is spent farming the same boss. Lots of potential

ShoutenM - 08-10-2011

Spiral Knights News

Spiral Knights Update Announced

Sega has just announced a new update to their MMO Spiral Knights. The update will be bringing along the all-new 'Shadow Lairs', which are a series of battle-zones full of boss ... Read more

Spiral Knights Now Available on Steam
June 16th, 2011 - SEGA

Spiral Knights Official Launch
April 5th, 2011 - Three Rings Design

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Spiral Knights Review by RoflKnife

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