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Soul Captor Online

Soul Captor Online

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  • Name: Soul Captor Online
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Soul Captor Online

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Gamania Announced Official Site N/A

Soul Captor Online Media

About Soul Captor Online

Soul Captor is an online game utilizing eastern ghosts and monsters against a backdrop of fantastic scenes and characters. Playing as Oracle, who is the guardian of this world, players will embark on unimaginable adventures accompanied by an adorable and exclusive Spirit.

The Spirit in Soul Captor has various appearances. Fighting monsters, protecting its master and collecting souls are some of its unique skills. The Spirit also has a special skill to raise its master's abilities by collecting in the Soul Handbook.

Chaotic battles between players, amusing little monsters, fearful demons and adventurous stories full of all sorts of strange episodes set in the eastern world are about to start. Now, let the journey begin!


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A definite new style to MMORPG's the Anima system being cute/funny/effective. The usually unused "Combo Skill System" making a nice touch to battle. The characters detail customization as far as physical features go is on the low side, unlike the statistics being VERY deep in depth able to maximize YOUR preferred playing style to any class! The Soulpedia much like a Bestiary, allowing a WIDE variety of mounts for not only you but even your Anima! Some classes like Warrior providing the use of multiple weapons such as a greatsword for solo play then offering the use of a one-handed sword and shield for tanking. Yet another upside being that during Anima/Main Story quests cutscenes have been established to really bring the game alive, letting the player experience the story. In all Soul Captor is definitely a game worth checking out due to the creators really making it unique

Slaystriker - 07-30-2012

is this mmo out yet and if it is where can i download it

kidchoas - 07-01-2012

I really like the Anima companion system of this game.Its cute and funny.For more information regarding Soul Captor, please check here

tersage - 04-17-2012

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