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SD Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter

SDGO Review by Retune

  • Author: Retune
  • Last Updated: April 10th, 2011

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Do you like blasting things to bits with giant lasers? What about hacking and slashing things to pieces with somewhat oversized swords? Care for some intense MMOTPS action?

If your answer to the above yes, then here's a game to try!

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a fast-paced beam-shooting sword-slashing MMOTPS, currently with servers based in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. The game showcases a huge selection of mobile suits (giant mechas to you) to get and play with.

With an assortment of mobile suits, each equipped with an assortment of machine guns, bazookas, beam sabres, solid swords, sniper rifles, as well as a cinematic 'Special Attack', this game will not get boring in a hurry.

SDGO Review Screenshots

Oh, and before I forget, this game is absolutely Free-2-Play!

There is a cash shop, but no fear! Almost everything you can buy from there you can also get with in-game currency. (It just takes quite a while longer. Still, better than having to pay!)

The Community

Each server is primarily dominated by the locals of the region Hong Kongers on HK server, Taiwanese on TW, you get the idea. At times these guys are not very welcoming to outsiders, especially on the KR server, where speaking English is bannable. [Heck, beats me.]

Regardless, there are English speaking communities across all 4 of the servers currently around. The largest one that I know of is currently on the TW server. In fact, you can pop down to the SD Gundam section right here and go meet them!

Details, Details.

Graphics 6/10

Graphics-wise this game looks somewhat cartoony, mostly to fit the feel of the comical "Super Deformed" Gundams. It's not exactly easy to make the game look real serious if you're piloting giant mechas with tiny stubs for arms. To make up for this, however, the skill effects and look of the weaponry is generally very good, and pretty close to the anime. Gundam fans celebrate!

Sound 8/10

Sound effects that the game comes with are very realistic it sounds like you're in a Gundam cartoon a lot of the time! Probably the best thing about SDGO is that you can actually change the BGMs that play in the game simply by going into the SD Gundam folder and replacing a few MP3s.


Mobile suits are primarily obtained from 'Capsule Machines', commonly known as Gachapon, in true SD Gundam fashion. They can also be combined to create stronger mobile suits!

SDGO Review Screenshots

The game itself is room based, with Mission and PvP channels based on your 'pilot' level.

SDGO Review Screenshots

There are loads of co-op missions that up to four players can take part in, taking out AI-controlled mobile suits and weaponry in a number of different scenarios. At the end of each mission, given you complete the mission, you have a chance of getting awesome prizes through a 'capsule' roll.

PvP mode pits two teams of up to 6 players each against each other in Deathmatch, Point, Free for all and Battleship modes.

SDGO Review Screenshots

In conclusion...

I give this game a 7/10. As much as I love this game, there are times where I start to wish that the graphics looked better, and that more gameplay modes would be released.

Still, I very much recommend this game to all of you softcore gamers and gundam fans out there, although it isn't actually available in English just yet. But not to worry, any help that you need regarding this game, you can get from the SDGO community right here on ggFTW!

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