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SD Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter

SD Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter

Game Profile

  • Name: SD Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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SD Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter

254 Votes



Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US OGPlanet Closed Beta Official Site N/A

SD Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter Media

About SD Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter

A third-person-shooter based on the popular Gundam franchise, pit your skills against other online players with over 100 different Mobile Suits. Make new friends as you work together to complete the seemingly impossible missions, or simply just duke it out at PvP to your hearts content.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows
  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB
  • Graphics: Geforce 4 TI4400; Radeon 9600


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Bullies, GTFO.

KagamiX - 05-20-2014

Tw Tw and sea rocks!

Axtreme - 03-04-2014

I'm not much of a PVP fan.

Gg834 - 07-16-2013

well currently SDGONA is quickly catching with the mother server KR. while it is truw NA started off pretty bad, ogpplanet made awesome improvements to the game and finally the server is coming into it own rights. i highly recommend anyone who is new to sdgo and lived in the accepted regions to try this game.

astrobear - 06-17-2012

kickasz - 04-08-2012

needs more s ranks

DRAGON00 - 03-04-2012

dude how to play this game?!
tell me T_T

optime4 - 02-02-2012

This will make the NA sever good if they release 5 capsules per months

UnagiSushi - 02-01-2012

For anyway looking at this page. The SDGO Forums has been up on GGFTW for a long time now, even though the NA server is new, don't waste your time with it.

If you want to enjoy the full amount, go the KR, TW, or HK servers.

View more

Trent957 - 12-26-2011

if the servers werent bad, would have given it a higher rating, its still sorta fun though

Jiantey - 12-09-2011

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