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Sacred Seasons 2

Sacred Seasons 2 Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 25th, 2011

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Sacred Seasons 2 is a fantasy MMO that places you in a world where you fight monsters with the aid of the four seasons of the Earth: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The game boasts an extremely large amount of character classes, weapons, and wonderful graphics for a browser-based MMO.

The battle system of Sacred Seasons 2 is similar to turn-based, real-time battle systems, most prevalently seen in The Final Fantasy Series. Your characters must wait until their "turn" to attack, which gives a great amount of strategy for the game. Additionally, six other party members can join your fight, by either the back or the front row. However, because there exist very few members in Sacred Seasons 2 and because teamwork will become pivotal when enemies become much stronger, the battles become extremely mundane, mainly because waiting for one's turn while countless enemies damage you will more than often kill you.

Sacred Seasons 2 Images

The character classes and weapons of Sacred Seasons 2 make the game particularly unique. You have the ability to choose standard classes (i.e. ranger, soldier, and cleric) but the difference comes from the type of season you choose. For example, the umbrella class for the "Scout" job class focuses on speed on all job types. They also share some skills, but their own elemental season defines their role in battle. For example, the "Fall Scout" focuses on fire-based attacks and toys with the enemy with battering their foes while strengthening their own team. The "Fall Scout" uses blowguns and tomahawks for weapons. The "Spring Scout" on the other hand, focuses on self-enhancement with buffs and specializes in damage-over-time skills on their enemy. The "Spring Scout" shows a large amount of proficiency in tomahawks, bows, and machetes. Furthermore, aside from having their own difference in the choice in skills, they have their own unique appearance: the "Fall Scout" has a fox-like motif, while the "Spring Scout" has a fish-like motif. The sheer amount of classes (25 actual classes and 4 different seasons equal to 100 different classes; most of them are not released yet) and weapon choices (18 in all) and the pool on unique skills allow for an extremely diverse amount of fighting in groups.

Sacred Seasons 2 Images

The graphics for Sacred Seasons 2 are quite good. They range anywhere form average bats to gigantic crabs. They all have their own unique seasons akin to them, and all possess their own skills. However, monsters almost always attack in large groups, which calls for large amounts of teamwork. If not prepared, or if one does not have a large team, then one will simply be decimated by the foes. Furthermore, monsters have access to their own pool of skills, rather than attack mindlessly. This little factor gives Sacred Seasons 2 more strategy, due to the fact that one must pay attention to the enemies and their abilities.

The only problem that exists in Sacred Seasons 2 comes from its dependency on real-world currency. The game contains two types of currencies: Gold and Silver. Silver is the type of currency that one can find in-game, while gold is the type of currency that is gained from real-world purchases. That being said, nearly all of the game weapons cost a large amount of gold (upwards of 250 gold), and all of the fashion cost an immense amount of money (upwards of 299 gold for hairstyle changes, 999 gold for clothes). Furthermore, changing classes cost 100 gold (and you start back at level 1), and in-game missions rarely give out gold. Additionally, gold-purchased weapons literally break the game; they give characters an outlandish amount of strength compared to in-game purchasable equips.

All in all, Sacred Seasons 2 is definitely worth a try. The game's graphics and superb job classes boast its abilities as a browser-based MMO. However, the small player base and reliance on teamwork , along with its dependency on real-world money to get stronger may steer some people away.

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