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S4 League Review by RoflKnife

  • Author: RoflKnife
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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S4 League is a free-to-play third-person-shooter developed by Pentavision, known for creating the well received DJMAX series. S4 League is notable for its stylish e-sport theme, accompanied by one of the best soundtracks ever to grace an online shooter. The game is being published and by Alaplaya for North America and Europe. At first glance from any video off youtube, you may say, “Hey, this looks like a GunZ clone!” But I can assure you, their third-person playstyle is all they'll have in common.

System - 7/10

The system requirements are quite low, practically any computer made in the last decade can run S4. It's quite compatible with the different types of OS, anti-virus programs, and what not, but definitely not perfect. You may run into a small error or problem here and there, but nothing that can't be easily fixed. The graphic options are disappointing, really only offering a resolution change and a low/med/high setting for graphic settings. Different servers for different regions are offered, pings are accurate, connection is great, and the game shows an icon over players who have a bad connection.

Graphics - 9/10

S4 League has a wonderful graphic style. It more than makes up for the technical graphical merits it lacks. While the textures and models are actually quite simple, it all looks very sleek, clean, and most importantly, stylish! The interface has a similar story, along with being intuitive and functional. The best part is how it all comes together, and makes their classy e-sport motif work!

S4 Review Screenshots

Looking good!

Gameplay - 17/20

The gameplay is loads of fun, simple and easy to pick up, and offers a great deal of creativity. S4 allows you to wall jump, sprint, and air dodge as your basic movement. In addition, there are skills that have a variety of functions, such as allowing you the ability to fly, or detecting other players within a certain radius. Both skills and the special movements above require SP (not always for skills), which is a constantly replenishing unit of energy that basically dictates how much cool stuff you can do.

There's a huge variety of weapons, all of them unique and fitting for the game's style. You are allowed to equip one skill and 3 weapons into each game, which can be switched out for another set at the half time of each game. Clothing has a minor effect on gameplay, with small bonuses like damage reduction from a certain weapon. Skills and equipment are timed, but the weapons timer only goes down when you actually play, and yes, it IS possible to get permanent equipment. S4 has some run of the mill game modes as you may expect from an online shooter, like death match, capture the flag (Touchdown in S4's case), and practice, but it also brings some unique ones to the table. Chaser has a super powered player aiming to kill all the others, while the others attempt to survive or kill the chaser before it kills them. Captain has two super powered teams duking it out, the loser determined by whichever team loses all it's captains first, and those who die are reverted to a normal powered player.

There's a large selection of maps, all of them being excellent, however, all the maps are limited to a number of modes in which they can be selected. There is a cash shop, which does allow buyers an in-game advantage over others, but it's not game breaking, and mostly acceptable. Weapons are fairly balanced, with a select few being obviously a bit better than other weapons, but the gap isn't large enough to ruin the fun.

S4 Review Screenshots

Audio - 10/10

The soundtrack of S4 is absolutely stellar. You'll never get tired of listening to the tracks in the background while you're playing, and the sound effects are nothing to sneer at either. The announcer contributes to the theme that S4 has going, and it's done perfectly, no complaints whatsoever.

S4 League is a fantastic stylish fantasy third-person-shooter. It's fun, stylish, and competitive. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone that's looking for an action packed shooter on the unrealistic side.

Overall - 43/50

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