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S4 League

Game Profile

  • Name: S4 League
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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S4 League

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US alaplaya Release Official Site N/A

S4 League Media

About S4 League

Playing S4 in a clan takes it to the next level. You are going to play faster, more skilful and team-minded, improve your tactical playing and reactivity and who knows? turn out to be the best S4 players in the world!

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
  • CPU: Pentium 3 1 GHz
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 440


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Really fun game, should play with friends. Playing with randoms

ShoutenM - 08-10-2011

Pretty nice game; I like the fact that you can get free weapons to -try- after doing the licenses, and that the timed things only account for the time you spend playing.

Its annoying how OP the cash items are =="

Example: you can smack someone with a GIANT sword and do almost nothing whereas a tiny little dagger can stab you to death in one hit.

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Retune - 03-17-2011

It's a game you can pick up fast. Though it takes abit of time to get really good. Keeps you interested. Though I agree with the others. The shop equips are used abit too much.

gamefreak20 - 02-17-2011

Played this a couple of weeks ago with some ggFTW members. The learning curve is pretty smooth, and I caught up to the game quick, being a person bad with FPS.

I've heard that the cash shop balance sucks, but other than that, the game was enjoyable for myself.

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Shiki - 08-28-2010

It seems like it could be good, but seemed to take a long time to kill anyone. This could be a latency issue, or perhaps a bad gun. I was a little confused by the license system too. I'd still rate BFH a better game, though this might be alright if you stuck it out.

Eire - 12-14-2009

This is an excellent game, but overpowered cash-shop equips make this game unbalanced. It's really no fun when it takes forever for you to kill an enemy with your regular submachineguns, yet that same enemy can kill you in 2 to 3 hits with his/her cash-shop machineguns. ):

Yukipyon - 11-16-2009

Nice game, too bad overpowered equips + godly pen (needed for the op equips) if you spend on the shop makes it so unbalanced it hurts.

KouNeeSama - 11-14-2009

The method for PEN is by far one of the most idiotic slopes I have ever seen. S4's low PEN gain and non-perma items forces a player to have to spend a lot of time each week - so you could have just enough PEN when your equips expire. Not only that, cash shop points (AP) give both PEN, cooler equips and stronger weapons, which upset the balance between players that don't pay and players that do. I feel that especially in a FPS game, players shouldn't have to worry about game balances, especially as a result of the cash shop.

Xpecial - 11-14-2009

S4 League is quite a lot of fun. It's easy for a newbie to start playing, but once the newbie becomes a novice, items become hard to acquire. The system is quite balanced and a lot of fun. The channels and rooms are level oriented such that newbies won't get killed by the more experience players. Overall it's an amazing game.

Shugi - 11-14-2009

S4L is prob one of the most interesting games to be released in the past few years.

Items don't really have that much of an effect, in my opinion, excluding AP++ items, which have gotten so enhanced that people die exceedingly fast.

Community is alright, I guess - when I left EUS4 for KS4 I recall EUS4's community being a mix of wonderful players and rude, redundant players. Which is typical for most games, anyways.

I don't know how advanced clanwarring and such is on EUs4 nowadays, but the competitive community is thriving and continues to do so on KR.

Overall, the game is really fun, and I think anyone who gives it a chance will enjoy it.

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Borkborkbork - 11-14-2009

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