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  • Name: Runescape
  • Type: Browser Based
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Runescape Media

About Runescape

The power of the runestones is well known to us now, and even children are taught a very basic understanding of the workings of magic and their advantages in defending our walls. This memoir shows that this was not always the case, and that in a mere few centuries our understanding has increased... but so have the dangers of those who might misuse them.


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Runescape was the first game I played, and it was outstanding.
There was so much more to do then the general MMO, and having a paid subscription multiplied that amount of content x4 times.
The main thing that makes it stand out to me, is the unique quests, which are mostly night and day compared to a typical Korean MMO.
Solving a puzzle, finding clues, and at times having to team up with someone to solve the mystery.
Most of the replay value can be found by doing the hundreds of unique quests, aside from trying to increase your level in fishing, mining, smithing, ect.
This is also one of those games where you need some friends to play with, as it gets rather dull quickly.

I have one major gripe on the game, where you have to log out safely or you lose everything.
I've hit the close window button so many times, I simply got fed up and quit.

But aside from that, it's a pretty good game, regardless of all the smacktalk it gets.

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Light - 11-14-2009

This is the perfect example of a game that is easily ruined by the player base. The community is pretty childish (mostly composed of younger teens, I think) and the graphics are an eyesore, and the chiptune-is music doesn't add anything, but this game was FUN when I played it. The quests are a mixed bag, and there're more to do other than killing and looting (like cooking lol). It's still clearly a fun and easy to get into game, which is obvious by the sheer volume of players that still play it. It's going to be around for a long time, I think.

Mitchi - 11-14-2009

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