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Retime RPG

Retime RPG

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  • Name: Retime RPG
  • Type: Browser Based
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Retime RPG

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CN Retime RPG Announced N/A N/A

Retime RPG Media

About Retime RPG

There is no way to explain the definition lightly, but you exist in one dimension as yourself (as we do), however in that dimension you find yourself locked in a physical version of deja vous, where rather then feeling like you have been somewhere before, you actually find yourself there in physical form, rather then mental form. A confused being who holds no recollection of past, but only a goal. Fulfilling that goal moves them on to the next Retime (the next, alternate reality, alternate time, and possibly even alternate versions of dimensions themselves - for the crazy, this will make more sense later)


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