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Rakion: Chaos Force

Rakion: Chaos Force Review by TeruyaEiko

  • Author: TeruyaEiko
  • Last Updated: April 16th, 2011

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Rakion is a 3D MMORPG Action game by Softnyx. It is one of the more unique MMORPGs out there where you actually click to attack and have no "skills" other than your set attacks with the weapons you have. Because the game has 4 characters (Ninja, Swordsman, Archer, and Mage) everyone with one class has the same moves. The only difference between higher levels and lower levels is the stat points that have been given, and equipment you are allowed to use. The game is mostly based on PvP in rooms, although there is a story mode.

Rakion: Chaos force is an expansion of Rakion, in which you have a "kill-bar" which fills up to the maximum when you kill 6 opponents. When the bar is full, you can press "c" which turns you into a larger, more powerful character with different attacks temporarily (This is known as the "Chaos Mode".

Rakion Review Screenshots

A feature of Rakion is the "Cell System", in which you can summon creatures that you have obtained from the shop or gift for "CP" which can be obtained in battle. You can summon a maximum of 3 creatures at once, unless you have a special cash-shop creature which summons 3 of the same creature, but takes up only one slot.

Rakion Review Screenshots

There are 3 modes in Rakion: the Normal Deathmatch mode, where either individual players or teams compete for a number of kills, Boss Mode, where teams protect their "boss" (a randomly selected player. The Boss changes each round) all the while trying to kill the other boss, and the Golem War Mode. The Golem war mode is one of the most unique modes in the game. Each team has a golem (essentially a large rock monster) they must defend, which does not move out of a set area. The team members must kill a "golden golem" in the middle of the map to obtain a "golden sword" the player with the golden sword is only able to damage the golem, so the team must protect the player.

Rakion Review Screenshots

Although Rakion is one of the only "action" mmorpg's there are relatively few players, probably due to the lack of variety in the maps and classes, as everyone looks the same (except for the equipment), attacks the same, and fights in the few maps. Rakion is filled with either High levels (There are many maxed out lvl 99's) or mid levels (lvl 50-80). Most of the higher levels charge cash, which gives them a higher advantage over the non-cash users, as they are able to buy cash potions which enable them to heal in-game. Hacks and Lag are a big problem in Rakion. There are a large number of people who hack, either killing everyone on the map, being invincible, or disabling the ability to spawn. Lag is a big problem in Rakion. Due to the fact that you can only connect to rooms with low ping, you're only able to connect to a select few rooms without people who lag.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend this MMORPG, because you are limited to few maps and the same attacks, which get boring after a short while. Additionally, there are events happen every few months, where you need to kill for a chance to receive a letter. You need to spell out a phrase in order to earn points, which can be used to redeem for items. These events outline how bad the game is, as there isn't much to do.

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