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Ragnarok Online Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 19th, 2011

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If you played MMORPGs, then Ragnarok Online will be one of the many everyone has heard about. It's among one of the oldest MMOs out there, starting its beginnings in 2002 (Or at least it's native country). Ragnarok, despite its age, captivates many, ranging from its unique graphics, and its majestic music.

Ragnarok plays like a real-time Final Fantasy Tactics. Your character is a 2D sprite with a three-dimensional area around it. You can move by pointing-and-clicking your character to move to different places. Just like any standard MMO, click on an enemy, and let your weapon do the talking.

Ragnarok Online Artwork

Despite being very old, the graphics are surprisingly done extremely well. For example, when I pick up an item, the character actually bends down and picks it up, a tiny little detail that some modern MMOs forget to do (did I mention that this game is almost nine years old?). Fighting stances and strikes for enemies and characters are done with extremely fluid precision.

The choices of character classes are huge. Most of them are the archetypical paladin, wizard, and priest job classes, but it also expands to other job classes, such as a "soul linker," whose primary job relies with bolstering teammates. Also, you have the "mechanic" job class, who makes weapons and items and relies with "carts" (i.e. personal one man army) to attack. Additionally, if one cannot choose a job class, one can choose a "super novice" job class, which uses the skills of all first jobs to create a jack-of-all –trades character. All of them have their own unique armor and weapon proficiencies, ranging from a spear to katars to your own fists. There is a very, very large pool of skills, too. For example, a ranger can set up traps to dominate a group of enemies, or a knight can summon a mount to ride for assistance. Ragnarok, despite its age, completely ousts some modern MMOs in terms of the amount of skills and weapons available to the player.

Ragnarok Online Artwork

The community of Ragnarok is very, very friendly. When I have to train in some spots, a high-leveled character will give me the strongest buffs they have and completely restore my HP out of altruism, and not because I asked him. Most of them point out directions to new players if they are lost, too. The community, like any MMO has its good players and bad players, but the good players easily outrank the bad.

The music of Ragnarok is beautiful. In most games, this is often an overlooked part. But Ragnarok simply takes the cake. It features fantastic music scores, and simply throws me into a trance-like state, sometimes to the point that I feel like I am in the game and experiencing the adrenaline rush of climbing the Cursed Monastery or the tranquility and the peacefulness of a town.

The PvP and GvG system is simply awesome. The "War of Emperium," as it's called, is a literal war between guilds. It sounds like it's been done thousands of times before, but Ragnarok makes it very balanced, for it restricts several skills that may give an unfair advantage towards some characters. With that said, it's a storm of swords, arrows, fireballs, and just about everything you can imagine in an attempt to win. However, lag is everyone's enemy in the GvG and PvP system. Often times, it can be a competition that lags the most so that their team can gain an advantage over the other. However,the pure chaos of GvG is enough to overlook this.

All in all, Ragnarok is definitely worth to try out. Although the age of the game may stir people away, you will soon realize that age does not matter in MMOs, the quality and effort put in Ragnarok simply trounces some modern MMOs.

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