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  • Name: PopTag!
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Nexon Release Official Site N/A

PopTag! Media

About PopTag!

Competitive, cooperative, or whatever your fancy, PopTag! has it all! Two people can even co-play on the same PC. Want to show off your skills? Up to 8 can battle individually or in teams in Normal mode; up to 4 can band together against creatures in Monster mode. No monthly subscriptions, no locked premium areas, no hidden strings! PopTag! can be enjoyed for free -- forever -- without paying a cent.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98
  • CPU: Pentium 3 400 MHz
  • Hard Drive: 300 MB
  • Memory (RAM): 128 MB
  • Graphics: 3D Acceleration


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Great game to play with your friends

ShoutenM - 08-10-2011

Bomberman + Internet + Selfish Community = meh.

Its fun for the first few games, then its no longer worth the time you spent downloading. Would not recommend for long term playing.

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Fuzzy - 10-23-2010

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