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Microvolts Online Review by Harlequin

  • Author: Joey
  • Last Updated: June 3rd, 2011

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MicroVolts Online is a relatively fun game, from publisher RockHippo Productions. As the game is new (still in beta phase) it is as of right now very limited, but has immense room to grow. To begin, you are given two characters to choose from (four if you are willing to spend a little MP here). The characters, Knox, Naomi, Pandora, and C.H.I.P., each carry personalities of their own. For instance, C.H.I.P. "is known to be extremely impatient and will be the first to charge into battle, without any regard for his safety." Pandora seems to have a one-sided rivalry with Naomi. However, the personalities can't mask the fact that there is honestly no play style difference among the characters. Character choice comes down completely to preference of appearance, nothing else.

Microvolts Screenshots

The character customization is pretty cute. Kawaii deshou??~~ ... Ahem, continuing on-

Character customization is definitely one of my favorite factors of the game. While it does cost MP, the things you can put on your character are a lot of fun. All sorts of different shirts, pants, shoes, and other items. Each character's personality shines through in the outfits you can select for them, as well. Knox wears a lot of urban and rock style clothing, C.H.I.P.'s outfits are reminiscent of the fact that he is made from interchangeable parts, Pandora has many options in lingerie and leather outfits, alluding to her "seductive appeal", and Naomi wears "cute" outfits, such as schoolgirl clothes. Are the options endless? Absolutely not. But the game is in beta phase, so there is definitely room for growth here.

Microvolts Screenshots

Okay, so I'm not very good at this game.

Gameplay itself is actually very fun. It plays just as any other shooter would. It feels a bit more fast-paced than it should, at least to me. That could be attributed to the way the game is put together though (it should probably feel like toys move very quickly, after all). The player is given a variety of weapons to use, ranging from wrenches to grenade launchers, to gatling guns and sniper rifles. Certain weapons tend to play a bit overpowered, but it's like that in almost all shooter games. The sniper rifle is one of these weapons in particular. Even though I find myself to be a very poor player when it comes to shooters, I had no trouble using the sniper rifle and blasting a few players in a row before getting knocked out myself. My main issue with the game though doesn't necessarily concern the gameplay, but rather how the game is set-up. Players make rooms, in much the same way they do in games like Nexon's Dungeon Fighter and Vindictus, and those rooms become peer-to-peer instanced rooms. However, the servers at MicroVolts aren't declared as "East" and "West" servers, so the peer-to-peer connection can become very unreliable to players in the nether regions of North America. Beyond this, I've had no real issues with the game.

I found that MicroVolts is definitely worth a look for players who enjoy third-person shooters, but who might be younger or might just want the game to be more "cute" and less "mature". In the end, I give MicroVolts a rating of 6/10. It's not great, but it has a lot of room for improvement.

This review is written on May 9, 2011, and as such, all opinions are subject to change over time.


-Fairly well done third-person shooter.

-Plays outstandingly well on a good connection.

-Character customization is limited (game is still fairly new to the US) but is cute and fun.

-Levels are well put together.


-Entire game is played on a peer-to-peer connection, which is a huge downfall on a national-level game.

-Any character customization outside of the free gifts requires "MP", the cash shop currency.

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