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Megaten Review by TeruyaEiko

  • Author: TeruyaEiko
  • Last Updated: April 16th, 2011

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Megaten is a 3D Free to Play MMORPG hosted by Aeria Games. Many people will be familiar with the Shin Megami Tensei Series from Atlus. Megaten is like your usual 3D grinding, dungeon-running MMO, but it has some special features. The Demon Friendship System allows you to befriend demons (monsters) and bring them with you on your adventure. If it wasn't good enough, there even is a Demon Fusion system, in which you fuse 2 demons to create a new demon. This can be done in parties where you are able to fuse 3 Demons to form one demon.

The Demon system is very unique, and you are allowed to have many demons to summon at your disposal. The amount of demons you are allowed to have increases as you quest. The summoned demon is like another character controlled by you, it gains EXP from what it kills, but also leeches off a bit from your kill. As it levels up, it can obtain new skills and higher stats.

Megaten Review Screenshots

The game uses a class system similar to the one found in Runescape. There are no "classes", but instead there are seperate "expertise" trees. These trees can be activated so you are able to earn "expertise points" in the respective trees. You need 100 Expertise points in a tree to rank up, and 10 ranks to class up the tree. In order to earn experience, you must use a skill, or item that relates and/or is from the tree. Although this enables great variety in builds, one must be prepared to spend lots of time grinding for expertise.

Due to the fact that it is hosted by Aeria Games, most of the players charge cash. This doesn't make a real difference in PvP, since the game isn't heavy on PvP. Free players might feel a bit left out or jealous of the damage or looks of a Paying Player, as the cash equipment usually gives a large stat increase. The cash items bought from the shop are usually tradable, enabling free players to obtain cash items from other players using the in-game currency, Macca. Being a cash-dominated game, one might expect the player base to be rather bad, but this is not the case. It has a very large player-base, with friendly players ready to help or resurrect you in every map.

Megaten Review Screenshots

Earning money is not a problem for free players, as there are floating spheres in every map that when clicked on, bring you to a minigame. If you complete the quick minigame, you can click on the same sphere and obtain items, that when sold, earn you enough money to buy equips and even cash items. This is one of the most efficient methods of earning money in the game.

The game has very smooth graphics and the maps are pretty nice to look at, but the maps are usually very large and require a lot of walking for all players (although there is a cash shop item that allows you to teleport). A teleport system is needed, but this might be part of Aeria Games's scheme to make players buy cash for the teleport item. With the good graphics, a high-end PC is not required. Even a low-end PC can play on medium detail, although when in the "main town" there is a lot of lag, due to the fact that there is only one server and channel, which doesn't affect gameplay that much. Megaten is full of in-game events, which can be found in the event section of the forums. These in-game events can be done by anyone and the activities you need to complete are such as: filling in text boxes in a comic, leveling up, befriending demons, and taking screenshots of various things.

Overall Megaten is a good game, with very helpful and kind players in addition to its unique demon system. I recommend this game to those who do not mind having many players in the game charge cash and having to walk a large distance between towns.

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