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Megaten Review by Faith

  • Author: Faith
  • Last Updated: June 3rd, 2011

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Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online (Megaten) is a free-to-play game currently hosted by Aeria Games. The player is in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters and you'll be playing the game as though you were playing a story. Your goal as a Demon Buster is to assist in the redevelopment of mankind and protect the citizens. Each action and choice chosen will determine your alignment, ultimately deciding which partners you'll have as you progress through the game.

System - 9/10

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine (will start calling it Megaten) only requires a low spec computer. The configurations in-game are very easy to follow as its either a yes/no or scrolling bar and literally all the hotkeys can be changed within the game as well. The only complaint I have is that there are only 3 resolutions which can be chosen for windows mode.

Graphics - 10/10

The graphics are done nicely, clean, and is pleasing to the eye. It fits the theme of the post-apocalyptic world quite well.

Megaten Screenshots

Closer look at the world

Something that isn't seen very often is that Megaten utilizes cinematics. This is due to the very unique nature of the game as you are playing through a story that allows it to do so, which is a nice addition.

Gameplay - 15/20

The game play of Megaten is what lets it greatly distinguishes itself from others games. The basic categories a player can be divided into is warrior, magic, and gunner. Megaten allows players to freely build their characters and upon meeting certain requirements, allows access to further abilities called chain expertise. This could be anything from extra skills with elemental affinities or simply crafting. This does have its limits as players can only utilize a certain amount of points to customize the character with, which is a weak point of the game in a sense. Players will be forced to follow the same builds to maximize potential and discourages exploration of new possibilities.

On top of character customization the player can attempt to establish a relationship with the roaming monsters in the world itself to be utilized in combat. These monsters are divided into three alignments which are law, neutral, and chaos with a bunch of species within each alignment. The alignment of the monster determines what monster a player can attempt to tame as they can only do so according to their own alignment. You can choose to fuse two of the monsters within your possession to create a new and stronger one or do a triangle (three-way) fusion with two other players as well. The triangle fusion is the only method to obtain certain monsters within the game such as King Frost, an ice-based monster.

The monster itself can be levelled up in combat alongside with the player allowing it to gain either new passive or active skills. A monster can only have a limited amount of passive/active skills in total and upon replacing one the monster currently has, will cause the replaced skill to disappear forever. Players will have to be careful with planning out what they want from each monster and maintain a balance.

Despite all the great features of the game, the weakest aspect of Megaten is the grind itself... which is a major letdown and the reason why most players quit the game. Be ready to invest a lot of time in the game if you want to get much out of it.

Megaten Screenshots

Jack Frost stores

Audio - 6/10

The music itself in the game is simplistic in a sense, which isn't a bad thing all the time but it does feel a bit lackluster. It gets repetitive and boring very fast as the transitions within the music itself is basically a change in pitch or with a extra sound or two lopped on top for the rhythm. This could and should have been improved.

Overall - 40/50

Definitely worth a look into for prospective players.

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