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MapleStory Review by Sanichi

  • Author: Sanichi
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

Warning: This review is copyright of the review author listed above and reprinted by permission by ggFTW. This review may not be reprinted on any other site without express written permission from the review author. Game elements are copyrights of their respective developer and publisher.

MapleStory is a free-to-play developed and published by Nexon. MapleStory demonstrates a unique among other MMORPGs through side-scrolling action and a vast amount of unique enemy and environment. With over 100 million subscribers, MapleStory recently released the "Big Bang" update in December 2010.

System - 90%

MapleStory easily has low demands upon computer requirement by far compared to a lot of higher end games that have appeared as of recent. Most computer will have no issues whatsoever, however, events are not so kind. Events within the game tending to get crowded, there have been issues with latency that have been reported.

Gameplay - 78%

MapleStory is versatile in its number of classes, disregarding it only having a single job class devoted toward healing and protect. Composing of 23 procession paths within the Global version when taking into the consideration the class splits after level 30 within the game. These classes are made up of the Adventurer classes, the Cygnus Knights, the Heroes and the new Resistance.

MapleStory carries a multitude of area to explore and items to collect to achieve ones goal in the game, though they tend to run along the same tune of gathering, combining, using, selling, repeat. The storyline none too strong, unless, it is brought to attention by a current update. An example would be big bang, players taking an interest in the Elderstein story for short amount of time, they eventually give way to the rush of faster leveling. The greater reward in MapleStory is exploration and activities done in a group though, bosses within the game carrying a steeper challenge curve and require a level of devotion. If done right, it can be fun experience for all those who participate.

MapleStory Review Screenshots

A fun part of the game is actually building an appearance of your character surprisingly. If you not careful you may end up devoting a lot of time to it.

Community - 75%

The community is not one of perfection or impressive for that matter, but the gems in the community are out there and they tend to like to keep to themselves, but if you find them, they tend to be a great part of the game as friendship is something that Nexon promotes. Whether it be forming a guild or simply just having that one person who is always along with you, it easy to do if you actually try to do so with a friendly a attitude.

Graphics - 80%

Simplistic as the visuals may seem to be, when one is to look at the multitude of colors and splashes of light which are displayed upon the screen during game, regardless of simplicity, you will find yourself impressed by the next skill you learn at the next level. They aren't so impressive that you find yourself looking at something unique, however. You will have seen something similar and that is inevitable, and simply makes the rank of noteworthy. This does not simply reach the marks of a simple C though.

Audio - 70%

The BGM provided by MapleStory is not something really to be impressed by,

but it carries the calm tunes of some spoony bard. This calm seems to be carried through the game, even during during dire situations, so makes the player feel almost as if the are in dream, the game never too much in a hyper tension. Without it though, one would feel an absence and is a vital characteristic.


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