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Generation 2 Quest Walkthrough

  • Author: Harlequin
  • Last Updated: February 27th, 2011

Warning: This guide is copyright of the guide author listed above and reprinted by permission by ggFTW. This guide may not be reprinted on any other site without express written permission from the guide author. Game elements are copyrights of their respective developer and publisher.

  • v4, 07/22/2008: Organized, quest details in red, ideals list in blue, keywords in green.
  • v3, 06/21/2008: Completed the ideals list.
  • v2, 06/20/2008: Started the organization and cleaning process. Began adding ideals list. Added and fixed minor details.
  • v1, 06/19/2008: First version completed, all basic information added.


Important NPC's to Know for G2:









Okay, essentially, to begin G2, you must have the keyword "Knight of Light" obtained from the G1 quest (or by skipping the G1 quest by giving the "Weird Cat" in Duncan's house a fish).

You may talk to almost anyone in Emain Macha with the "Knight of Light" keyword, and they will give you the "Paladin" keyword.From there, you go talk to Craig at the Paladin Training Ground using the keyword "Paladin". He will tell you to go talk to the Lord about becoming a Paladin. Go into the castle and continue to proceed through castle doors until you get to the Lord (Rian) and Esras. Esras will proceed to do all the talking, eventually making you donate 4000 gold to begin Paladin training. In return, she will give you the "Lord's Invitation" which is a 2x2 item. Take this item back to Craig, and apply for a class sometime after 9 AM. The fee to take the class is 300 gold.

You will be told to clear Barri training dungeon (the boss of this dungeon is one Orgre Warrior and two Imps), and will be given a Red Wing of the Goddess to warp directly to Barri dungeon lobby. (NOTE: It is recommended that you bring a regular Wing of the Goddess, since Barri is not a town, you can warp directly from Barri dungeon lobby back to Emain Macha.) You will have to do Barri training dungeon (a Barri normal dungeon, mobs may include some of these monsters, but not all of them: Banner Imp, Black Spider, Goblin, Goblin Archer, Great Mimic, Imp, Mimic, Ogre Warriors, Poison Goblin, Red Spider, Vampire Bat) a total of 5 times, and a Math training dungeon (it is shortened to about 10 rooms, and ends in a cutscene. It is a Math normal dungeon. Mobs may include some of these monsters, but not all of them: Bat, Black Spider, Gray Town Rat, Kobold, Kobold Archer, Mimic, Poison Kobold, Red Spider).

Relog or change channels to receive a keyword from the goddess, Morrighan. She will give you the keyword "Lugh, Knight of Light". Speak to Nele and James in Emain Macha using this keyword to hear stories, otherwise speak to Gordon at the restaurant in Emain Macha with this keyword to obtain the keyword "Redire". Talk to Nele with the keyword "Redire", and he will tell you to go talk to Price.

Talk to Price with the keyword "Redire", and he will give you a Red Wing of the Goddess to Fiodh Dungeon lobby and an 'Old Cloth with Design' to drop on the altar. Complete the dungeon (shortened to approximately 10-15 rooms). A cutscene will ensue.

Speak to Price with the keyword "Ghost of Lugh". He will give you the keyword "Redire's Demise".

Talk to Craig with the keyword "Redire's Demise", and he will give you the keyword "Paladin and Dark Knight".

Speak to Price with this keyword, and he will give you 'Price's Memo'. Talk to Aeira, and complete the quest.

You will receive a book. Advance read this book to obtain the keyword "Good Deeds". Talk to Nele with this keyword, and he will tell you about the beggar north of the square. Talk to the beggar, then gift 1 gold to him. He will ask you to donate 1000 gold to him. Donate it, and he will tell you a story.

Talk to Agnes with the keyword "Good Deeds". She will give you a quest, which requires, in this order:

-Perform 5 First Aids
-Perform 5 Healings
-Perform 5 Resurrections (with phoenix, party, or advanced feathers)
-Talk with Agnes

Complete the quest when finished. Talk to Galvin using the keyword "Good Deeds". Talk to Delen using the keyword "Good Deeds". She will give you a quest. Talk to Galvin and receive 'Teddy Bear'. Talk to Delen and complete the quest.

Talk to Del (Delen's twin sister) with the keyword "Good Deeds". It will initiate a quest.

-Talk with Osla (weapons shop)
-Talk with Jocelin (bank)
-Talk with Del (town square)
-Deliver Flowers to Osla (weapon shop)

Complete the quest.

Speak with Wyllow inside Emain Macha's cathedral using the keyword "Good Deeds".

Speak with Aodhan in front of Emain Macha's castle using the keyword "Good Deeds". This will initiate a quest.

-Speak with Aranwen (Dunbarton's combat school)
-Speak with Aodhan (in front of Emain Macha castle)
-Speak with Aranwen (Dunbarton's combat school)
-Speak with Aodhan (in front of Emain Macha castle)

Complete the quest.

Talk with Price using the keyword "Good Deeds". He will give you a 'Broken Bolt' and a Red Wing of the Goddess to Coill dungeon. Use it, and drop the bolt on the altar. (NOTE: There is no fighting, only a cutscene. After the scene you will reappear in the dungeon lobby.)

Talk to Price using the keyword "Paladin Qualifications".

Relog or change channels to view a cutscene. You will receive the keyword "Spirits". Talk to Tarlach on the altar in Sidhe Sneachta (north of Tir Chonaill) using the keyword "Spirits". You will receive the keyword "Aer, Spirit of Water".

Talk to Del and Aodhan with this keyword to gain information about Aer, then travel to Ceo Island (only reachable by moongate). Speak to Aer with the keyword "Aer, Spirit of Water". Press 'Yes' when given the option. You will receive the keyword "Ideal Look". You will quickly receive a quest via the owl.

Talk to 3 different NPC's from each town and enter in the name of an ideal person for each NPC. The requirements for each NPC are listed below. (NPC's require that the user be of the opposite sex. If a hair color or skill rank is not addressed [I.E.: some require a certain hair color] than that NPC does not require a specific hair color, or skill rank.)



MALCOLM - Requires the NPC Nora

TREFOR - Requires the NPC Dilys

DUNCAN - Requires Curious/Pure eyes, Traditional Costume of Tir Chonaill, Heal Rank 9, and title 'the Wise'

FERGHUS - Requires age 20+, Curious/Pure eyes, Long/Bastard Sword, Round Shield, Smash Rank B, Blacksmith Novice Rank

DEIAN - Requires age 14-17, Brown/Light Brown/Red/Orange/Blonde hair, Playing Instrument Rank D, Campfire Rank E

PIARAS - Requires age 25-35?, China Dress/Healer Dress, and title 'the All-Knowing' (reached age 25)

RANALD - Requires age 10-40?, Brown/Light Brown hair, Brown/Brown Ochre Curious eyes, Popo's Skirt, DEX 100+


DILYS - Requires age 20-29, Black hair, no head equipment, Combat Mastery rank D, Healing rank F, no Counterattack skill

ENDELYON - Requires age 22+, Affectionate eyes, no weapons (I & II), Healing rank D, and title 'Defeated by a fox at 17'

ALISSA - Requires age 10-12, Zigzag Tunic, title 'Bear Slayer at 10', and 10k-149.9k in inventory

BEBHINN - Requires age 17+, Clothes worth over 100k, a 2-handed sword or a claymore, Cooking rank D, Playing Instrument rank D, title 'the Luxurious', 10k+ in inventory

CAITIN - Requires age 25+, Innocent/Sad eyes, Carpenter Wear, Cooking Rank F, Blacksmith Rank F, title 'the Diligent'

NORA - Requires age 20+, Black/Red/Brown hair, Coffee-coloured skin tone, Combat Mastery rank B, Playing Instrument Novice rank, title 'the Strong' or title 'Bear Slayer with a Single Blow'

LASSAR - Requires age 20+, Black/Dark Grey/Dark Brown/Red hair, Smash or Magnum Shot rank 9



AUSTEYN - Requires age 40+, Flat-Collar One Piece Dress, title 'the Old' (reach age 40), 5k-149.9k in inventory

MANUS - Requires Healing rank E, Rest rank E, Herbalism rank F, title 'Who Transcended Death" (survive a blow of 1000+ in damage)

SIMON - Requires Cores' Ribbon Hat, Flat-Collar One Piece Dress, Ella's Strap Boots, title 'the Luxurious', DEX 100+

STEWART - Requires age 17-25, Light brown/Red hair, Clothes worth less than 50k, Healing rank F, Icebolt OR Firebolt OR Lightningbolt rank 9, DEX 60+, INT 60+


KRISTELL - Requires the NPC Tarlach

AEIRA - Requires Brown/Light brown/Orange/Red hair (possibly more), Wooden or Folding Glasses, Enchant rank F, INT 100+

GLENIS - Requires Broad Brimmed Feather Hat, Music Theory rank C, Composition rank C, Playing Instrument rank 9



SION - Requires the NPC Ibbie

BRYCE - Requires ANY female, including transformed catwomen

COMGAN - Requires age younger than 30, title 'the Church Volunteer', Will 100+

EDERN - Requires age 40+, Gathering Knife/Axe/Pickaxe, Long Neck One-Piece/Traditional Costume of Tir Chonaill, title 'the Diligent'

GILMORE - Requires Pale/Yellowish White skin tone, Layered Frill One Piece/China Dress/Ella's Vest Skirt, less than 10k in inventory



ELEN - Requires Brown/Coffee/Reddish skin tone, Tight Belt Wear/Messenger Wear, Blacksmith rank D

IBBIE - Requires PureWhite/Yellowish White skin tone, Brown/Light brown hair, no weapons (I & II), Vest Pants/Terks Two Toned Tunic, title 'the All-Knowing', 10k+ in inventory

JENNIFER - Requires 50k-149.9k in inventory



AODHAN - Requires Smiling/Small/Cat/Normal mouth, Lovely/Warm/Pure eyes, Silver violet/Light violet/Blonde/Orange hair, Pure White/Yellowish White/Pale Yellow skin tone, Flat Collar One Piece Dress/Lirina's Long Skirt/OL Suit, Rose or Rose Bunches on hair (any color), INT 80+, Dex 80+, Will 80+

GORDON - Requires Popo's Skirt/Traditional Costume of Tir Chonaill

GALVIN - Requires age 20-25, Blonde hair, Sad/Playful/Secretive eyes, Clothes worth more than 100k

JAMES - Requires age 20-30, Popo's Hat/Wooden Glasses/Folding Glasses, Mongo's Skirt/Healer Dress/OL Suit, Fishing rank F, INT 100+

LUCAS - Requires age 18-20, Red Hair, Ninja Suit/China Dress/Blacksmith Suit/Idol Ribbon Dress, Counterattack rank D, Music Theory rank D, 20k+ in inventory

MURO - Requires Red eyes, Drandos Leather Mail/Light Leather Mail, Warhammer/2 handed sword/Claymore, title 'Ogre Slayer' OR title 'Golem Slayer' OR title 'Bear Slayer with a Single Blow', STR 100+


AGNES - Requires clothes worth more than 10k, STR 80+, INT 80+, DEX 80+, Will 80+

AILIONOA - Requires Blonde/Violet/Orange hair, any skin tone from White to Yellow, Raise Plucket Suit, Sewing Kit, Tailoring rank 9, Weaving rank 9, title 'the Skilled'

DEL - Requires Black/Dark grey/Dark Brown/Red/Bluish black hair, Traditional Costume of Tir Chonaill/Tight Belt Wear, Crossbow, Counterattack rank 9

DELEN - Requires any heavy armor, 2 handed sword/Claymore (no ego), Smash rank 9, Defense rank 9, Windmill rank 9, STR 100+, 10k-149.9k in inventory

JOCELIN - Requires age 40+, Tight Belt Wear/Raise Plucket Suit/Carpenter Wear, title 'the Diligent', 10k-20k in inventory

OSLA - Requires age 25-27, Blond hair, Pure White/Yellowish White skin tone, Luey's Priest Coat/Long Leather Coat, Long/Bastard Sword, Crossbow, 30k+ in inventory

SHENA - Requires age 20-25, Adventurers (Idealistic?) eyes, 2 handed sword/Claymore/Bastard Sword, Tork's Hunter Suit/Light Leather Mail/Cross Mail, character must have visited every town (required to be this far in the G2 quest anyway)

Complete the quest for each town after you find 3 NPC's ideals. When you finish all the ideal types quests, you will receive the 'Find the Ideal Type' quest from the owl. Travel back to Ceo Island (NOTE: At this point, it is recommended you bring a camp kit to Ceo Island, as you will have to come back several times).

-Speak with Aer (under Ceo Island)
-Speak with Nele (Emain town square)
-Speak with Aer again
-Speak with Nele again to receive 'Nele's Score'
-Speak with Aer again to deliver the score and watch a cutscene
-Speak with Aer again to receive 'Aer's Letter'

Complete the quest to gain the keyword "Mythril Mine"

Speak to Gilmore at Bangor's General Shop with the keyword "Mythril Mine" to receive a pass called "Mythril". You can buy more "Mythril" passes, just talk to Gilbert again with the keyword "Mythril Mine". The first one you purchase (after the free one you obtain at first) will be 100 gold, and it doubles in price for every pass after that.

Drop the pass in Barri dungeon. Go through the dungeon and mine 27 Mythril Ores. If you feel you still have enough time (the dungeon is pretty easy, but you only have a maximum time of 60 minutes in the dungeon) complete the dungeon for Goibne's Blueprint for Mythril Armor. Otherwise, run it again for blueprints.

Talk to Edern

-Deliver 5 Mythril Ores to Edern
-Deliver Goibne's Blueprint for Mythril Armor (found in the treasure room after the boss in the Mythril dungeon) to Edern.

Complete the quest.

A few in game hours later, you will receive another quest.

-Deliver 5 Mythril Ores to Edern

Complete the quest.

A few more in game hours later, you will receive ANOTHER quest.

-Deliver 10 Mythril Ores to Edern
-Deliver Goibne's Blueprint for Mythril Armor to Edern.

Complete the quest.

After several in game hours, you will receive the final quest:

-Deliver 7 Mythril Ores to Edern.

Complete the quest, receive 'Paladin's Armor'.

Travel to Ceo Island (if you placed a camp kit before, now is the time to use it. Die, and revive at camp). Speak with Aer using the keyword "Mythril Armor". You will receive a Red Wing of the Goddess to Ciar dungeon, and the 'Paladin's Armor' will become 'Paladin's Armor with the Spirit's Blessing'.

Drop the armor on the Ciar dungeon altar, and complete the white wolf RP dungeon. The boss of the dungeon is a Giant White Wolf. When he says "You'll need to break my concentration..." that means you need to successfully use Counterattack on him. Other than that, continue to barrage him with Smashes and normal attacks.

Speak to Price using the keyword "Spirit of Order". Wait about 24 in game hours to receive a quest.

-Speak with Price to receive the 'Letter Box from Redire'.
-Tell Lassar Price's story and nullify the spell on the box, changing it into 'Esras' Letter Box'
-Speak with Price to deliver the box.

Complete the quest.

Wait approximately 4-5 in game hours to receive an owl with a quest from Price, along with a Small Locked Box.

-Speak with Riocard, in Bangor's pub, to unlock and open the box.
-Speak with Price to give him the report.
Complete the quest.

After completing the last quest, wait approximately 4-5 in game hours for an owl with a quest from Price.

-Talk with Price to receive the 'Marionette's Potion'
-Ask Dilys, in Tir Chonaill's Healer House, to examine the potion.
-Speak with Price to give him the report.

Complete the quest.

After completing the last quest, wait approximately 4-5 in game hours to receive an owl with a quest from Price and an item 'Formor Book Given by Redire'.

-Request a translation of the book from Kristell (Dunbarton church)

Complete the quest. After several in game hours, an owl will come with a quest to pick the book up.

-Get the translated book from Kristell. The book is called 'Tabhartas, the Guardian of Ancient Wisdom'.
-Deliver the translated book to Price

Complete the quest.

After completing the last quest, wait approximately 4-5 in game hours for an owl to deliver a quest from Price and an item 'Formor Book given by Redire'.

-Speak with Suemas, who is at the Dragon's ruin, in Gairech, north of Bangor.
-Speak with Price
-Speak with James, who is at Emain Macha's cathedral
-Speak with Price

Complete the quest.

After completing the last quest, wait approximately 4-5 in game hours for an owl to deliver a quest from Craig.

-Talk with Craig to receive the keyword "Esras' Goal"

Complete the quest.

Go to Emain's castle to view a cutscene. You will reappear in Barri dungeon lobby, with a special pass in your inventory. Drop the pass to enter the dungeon.

~The dungeon is 4 floors long.
~There is one room with 1 gorgon, at the end of the second floor.
~Mobs include Brown Gremlins, Gray Gremlins, Green Gremlins, Flying Swords, Spiked Rhaghodessas, 1 Gorgon, and King Mimics

There is a preliminary boss, which is essentially a Golem with high HP. (Tabhartas)

Final Boss: Esras

Esras summons Dark Skeletons, which multi-aggro. There are several strategies to fighting Esras. You can glitch a skeleton (by shooting an icebolt at it while it is charging counterattack [NOTE: MAY HAVE BEEN PATCHED]). Also, you can simply draw Esras away from the skeletons and into a corner, where you may proceed to pound into her. She fights like a succubus.

After you complete the battle, watch the awesome cutscenes, and congratulations! You have completed the Generation 2 mainstream quest!
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