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  • Name: Mabinogi
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Nexon Release Official Site N/A

Mabinogi Media

About Mabinogi

With over 50 different hair styles and over 40 different eye and lip features you can select from, Mabinogi allows countless possibilities to build your character with a wide range of colors and shapes. Users are also provided with various decorative accessories and shoes. Not happy with the selections? Dye them into different colors of your own choice to perfectly suit your taste! If you are tired of having the same look as everyone else, come and experience life in Mabinogi, where unique expressions of one’s identity are encouraged and celebrated!

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • CPU: Pentium 3 800 MHz
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce2 MX; ATI Radeon 700


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I should also add that the company that develops Mabinogi..Nexon...they suck just as bad and they are the REASON Mabinogi sucks.

SaiyanKron - 12-15-2014

was going to come on here and say if you haven't played it yet, I recommend it...but now I'm not so sure. The only thing I can tell you is that it is a pretty decent MMORPG...but that is if, and I do mean a BIG can ever get it to work.

So, my recommendation is...if you download this game, and you can hardly get it to work...don't waste your time...uninstall it and delete it...because that's what I'm going to do if I can't get it to work in the next few days.

And don't bother trying to contact support either...they're constantly down too.

It's a good thing I don't have a PREMIUM account or otherwise sank money into this, because I'd be a HELLUVA lot hotter about it than I already am.

So, if you have this game and don't have the issues I do, good for you...enjoy.

If you experience what I did, however...well...let's just say you have been warned.


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SaiyanKron - 12-15-2014

If your holding off playing this game because the graphics are outdated, dont just play it. the content is far greater then the graphics.

Nahiko - 03-01-2014

It has its faults, but I overall enjoyed it a lot.

Cait - 02-20-2013

Mabinogi is my favorite MMORPG of all time. I havn't even done much of the main quest and I've accomplished a lot :D There's large customization, but you need to pay a bit to take 100% advantage of it. There's also pets that will help, but you pay for those too. The combat system is great, though the new update changed it so much to where it doesn't feel right anymore. Also, mages arn't that weak. You need to learn advanced magic or level your magic up really high to be strong though (and have good int and wands/staffs) There's weeks of content, and even after the main quest is done, there's these side quests and constant events to do. Also, this is one of those games that are 100x better with a friend, so ether get one of your friends on too or find one of the hundreds in the game :D

Waterstar - 07-05-2012

c: I really love this game I only wish there was more innovatory space

Viere - 11-24-2011

The game is pretty fun ^^ The maintenance usually lasts longer than their original prediction, and the shop items are somewhat costly, but overall, it's a cool game :) The graphics are great, and the combat system isn't the usual repetitive clicking and is instead more strategy based xD

Animewolf089 - 10-06-2011

Mabinogi is an interesting game with quite a lot of features to keep you entertained. However, it is very unfriendly to new people since the aging system is hard to grasp at first - which also means your character suffers because of it. There's much to do skill wise, there are no set classes. What skills you learn are based on your Aspiration and weapon you're currently use ALONG with skills you buy/learn from NPCs. This customization comes at a prrice, though. In this game melee dominates and magicians/archer lovers will be disheartened to know that they will be subpar damage wise in many cases.

Luckily the combat system always keeps you preoccupied, as it is more than just spamming a single skill. I loathe melee, yet here I am playing this game! Give it a serious try before judging it, this game deserves more than an hour trial-play.

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LilPhenyl - 09-06-2011

Mabinogi is not just your typical grind based MMORPG. It's a unique game that's based on Celtic mythology.

Character customization is great. You're given numerous looks to design your in-game character and also given the choice of selecting the age you want to be. However, some customization options are limited to a Premium Character Card, meaning you have to spend some money to get Nexon Cash credits in order to purchase this special Character Card. Fortunately, when you create your first character, you can use any customization options, meaning there's no restriction. But choose wisely, because once you've made your decision and created the character, you cannot change your looks unless you've bought a new Character Card.

Mabinogi is a huge game, and that is no hyperbole. Without a ride, getting around in this huge world is quite difficult. Luckily, other players who own mountable pets can give you a ride. Not only that, if you're a supporter of the Giants race, any Giants player can pick you up and let you sit on their shoulder. But, if you're tired of constantly looking for friendly players to give you a ride, you may purchase your own mountable pet. You can choose from horses, ostriches, birds, tigers, and mimics, which are little wooden boxes. However, to own these pets, you must purchase them through Nexon Cash credits. This means you will have to sacrifice some green bills in your wallet to get them.

Tired of endless grinding where you spam click on a foe until either one of you dies? Worry no longer. Mabinogi has a diverse real-time combat system. In game, when you attack an enemy, instead of just standing in front of it and take turn hitting like Runescape, your foe will react to your blows. This means that after your enemy receive a certain amount of blows, it will fall down and be pushed back. Not only that, the different skills which you can learn throughout NPC's in game have different effects on your combat. For example, you can pick up a sword and just hack and slash your way through a dungeon, use bows and arrows and pick off your enemies from afar, concentrate and unleash a fury wave of magic bolts, or be an Einstein by using the extreme art of Science through a cylinder and blast mixtures and compounds mercilessly like a mad scientist.

Oh no! The Black Winged Goddess has been kidnapped. Who will save her? The answer is YOU. YOU are the star, hero, and legend. As you follow along the storyline beginning from saving a beautiful Goddess from the captive of Dark Forces, to helping Shakespeare in finishing his world famous stories, YOU will be the star. Along the way, you're given difficult decisions. Whether to be a Paladin, one who seeks justice, or to be a Dark Knight, who who seeks to destroy false justice.

After a day of slaying enemies, exploring the world, and learning new skills, YOU, the star, is drop dead tired. You are in need of rest. So picking up a fishing pole and a bait tin, or a kitchen knife and an iron pot, you begin relaxing. Mabinogi offers a wide selection of activities in which you can do. For example, you can go fishing at a nearby river, cook up a storm and eat your fills, make some potions to bring with you on your next adventure, sew up some fashionable clothing to show off to the world, or create your very own space and just relax. And if you really hate that bearded blacksmith, you can grab a hammer and make some tools or weapons and put that failure out of business.

Mabinogi have long boasted it's diversity and it's content sure proved it. As for you, it's for you to decide. Whether to continue the days of boredom, or create a story starring YOU.

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MMORPGKnight - 08-22-2011

Mabinogi is an extremely fun game if you get used to it, and it has a very unique combat system.
However, being a Nexon game, it has horrible customer service.
Moreover, it EXTREMELY relies on NX Cash. Sure you can play it for free, and still enjoy it, however, solely not buying any NX might make it a very difficult and tedious game to play.

Unicorngummi - 05-07-2011

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Mabinogi - ggFTW First 10
Mabinogi - ggFTW First 10
Uploaded: March 30th, 2011

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