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Lunia Review by TeruyaEiko

  • Author: TeruyaEiko
  • Last Updated: April 18th, 2011

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Lunia is a free-to-play arcade-style action MMORPG currently hosted by Lunia takes the style of a faux 3D arcade hack and slash MMORPG. You have a few keys to attack and skills. The main battle controls of Lunia use only the keyboard and the mouse is only used to move around items, open boxes, allocate points, etc. Lunia is played in a story-stage system. You enter a stage, defeat the monsters and the boss, and then move onto the next stage. In each stage, there are various quests that can be done in order to help you level and earn money. At each stage there is a comic-book styled cinematic that follows the plot of a few characters in their adventures in Lunia.

Lunia Screenshots

Lunia has no classes, and upon character creation you have the option to choose between 8 free characters (as it is arcade style, you cannot change the appearance of the character. This can only be done with the equipping of costume/decorative items) The other characters can be bought in the Cash-Shop. Although there are many free characters, most people opt to charge cash and buy cash-character cards. Although there are only that many characters, you have a limited amount of skill points, which allow a large variety of skill builds. Since Lunia is an arcade styled action game, Lunia has a combo system, each attack add on to the combo and the higher the combo the higher your end stage rank you will get. A high end stage rank determines whether you will have a chance at a better or rarer item in a box you select at the end of every stage.

Lunia Screenshots

For strange reasons, the game is relatively cash-heavy, although the game can be played easily enough without items from the cash-shop. Cash shop items are tradable and can be sold to other non-cash players. In-Game event items can be easily obtained during the events for free and can be equipped to boost stats dramatically. There only is one town in Lunia, but there are many different channels to reduce lag.

Lunia Screenshots

The graphics can be considered faux- 3D angled view sidescroller, since it's originally a faux-3D sidescroller-like game, but they have implemented a "3D system", although the gameplay can still be set as faux-3D. Skill attacks in Lunia are rather flashy and lag some lower to middle end PCs. The game itself is actually rather Graphic and RAM heavy, and should be played on a middle or high end PC for the optimal gameplay with reduced lag and loading times, although after you finish loading a stage (if you are playing alone) you will not lag.

I recommend this game to people who are fine with the arcade styled gameplay, relatively low free customizability of your characters, and learning long character attack combos (optional). Also, a middle or high-end PC with at least one gigabyte RAM is recommended for optimal gameplay.

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