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Lunia Review by Faith

  • Author: Faith
  • Last Updated: June 3rd, 2011

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An action-packed arcade game where you actually use your fingers and precise timing to land killer combos, Lunia combines the fun of an action arcade game with strategies and development of a MMORPG. Improve your skills while leveling up your character at the same time!

System - 8/10

Just about all the graphics related options can be tweaked for optimal experience. There are a lot of channels (called squares) but unfortunately none of them are quite full enough to reach average or busy except Ashdale which is used for marketing. The rest are often used as Guild HQs and for fishing purposes by the players. The peer-to-peer in this game does leave something to be desired. Sometimes it is great and at other times, completely garbage.

Graphics - 10/10

Lunia's graphics leans more towards cartoon-like. Customization is great, graphics are good on maximum, and almost unrecognizable characters/bosses on low. Just pre-warning, it has high cpu usage when graphics are set to max (much more than expected). While playing Lunia focuses on an overhead view on the character and a future update (called Lunia Z) will allow a 3d view from the back on certain stages which is certainly interesting. Overall, the graphics are really nice... except the wings can be distracting sometimes.

Lunia Screenshots

Character select screen

Gameplay - 14/20

Lunia's gameplay is more of an arcade-like game. The player goes through a bunch of stages to continue the storyline and it is broken down into 7 episodes each with a different theme to it. Due to the nature of this game being arcade-like, it is natural for the stages to be instance-based. The normal version of each stage is called history while a much more difficult version is called legendary. Outside of storyline-based stages are bonus stages, myth stages, and a lot of raids which can be done. These too, are extremely difficult and require a party to complete unless the player has a lot of top-tier gear.

Lunia is also one of the few games that have implemented a rebirth system. By going through a rebirth, the character is reset back to lvl 1 with bonus stats, greater exp gain, and can unlock myth stages after the first rebirth. You also get bigger and shinier wings with each rebirth! To prevent breaking the game there is a time restriction on how often a character can rebirth (1-2 months) which is dependent on the book. Each character receives one free rebirth book

With the gameplay features Lunia has, there are also negative aspects with it. Since certain myth stages are so difficult that most people will only want characters with certain strength requirements (the modifier affecting skill damage) which is extremely difficult to achieve if a player is just starting out. Also, the grind is fairly bad past 70+ unless you can get people to help you out during certain timed events throughout the day which give massive experience. Later on Lunia gets extremely repetitive and boring as the player will essentially be running the same stages to farm money and experience over and over... and over again. One little last note is that the cash shop pets are extremely broken providing extremely large chances to do a critical attack (up to 35%).

Lunia Screenshots

Blarney Square (One of the channels)

Audio - 7/10

The background music is very nice to listen to alongside with the character music. The only problem is that the character's skills produce... what can be described as very cheap and simplistic noises. For example, placing a 3-hit lightning rod attack on Arta will have 3 beeps as its sound.

Overall - 41/50

Worth trying out, but you won't get very far without spending money and/or massive amounts of time on the game to farm. Be sure to join a guild quickly for bonuses as well.

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