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Luna Online Review by TeruyaEiko

  • Author: TeruyaEiko
  • Last Updated: April 18th, 2011

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Luna online is a free-to-play online MMORPG hosted by gPotato. Luna online is a casual, anime-styled MMORPG with lots of in-game PvP and a dating system.

Players can choose 3 base classes (Fighter, Rogue, or Mage) upon character creation, and can branch off to other classes at level 20. At mid to higher levels, questing is no longer a good source of exp, and you will need to "DD" or Dungeon Date with a compatible partner, using the Dating system. The Dating system essentially compares your likes, dislikes, region, sex and age to find a suitable partner for you. After you've found a partner, you can party up and choose to "Dungeon Date" (also known in-game as DD), in which you and your partner face hordes of monster together. This provides the maximum amount of exp at higher levels.

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Luna also has a very casual fishing system, where you buy a rod and bait and play a small minigame in order to catch fish. The caught fish can be exchanged for special funny looking costume equips, that provide stat bonuses. A unique feature of this casual game is the farming system. A family (something like a guild) can choose to purchase a farm if they meet various requirements. In the farm, they can plant seeds, feed plants, harvest plants, upgrade appearance, rear animals.etc The farm map is connected to all channels, therefore if everyone connects to different channels and goes to the farm map, they will see each other. The farm map is also non-PK, but if there is a guild war going on players are able to PK each other. As there are a limited number of farms, players usually want to join a family with a farm.

Luna Online Screenshots

The graphics for Luna Online are relatively smooth, and can be played on low-end PC's, due to the style in which the game was created in. The soundtrack for Luna Online I find above average. Most of the soundtrack is light techno, and soft, steady but somewhat eerie music. The maps have been created in such a way that the map is divided into parts, where there are usually only one type of monster. For each type of monster, there is a boss, which is fairly larger and has a unique name. Altogether the game is relatively good and the music positively adds on to the gameplay, although at higher levels one must Dungeon Date in order to gain exp.

Luna Online Screenshots

A quick note: There are various illegal private servers of Luna Online that have free cash shop items, custom items, and high exp rates. These private servers have not yet been shut down and there are actually a large number of people playing on these servers, due to cash shop items being free. It is unknown to when gPotato will crack down on these illegal servers, but for the time being, as long as the server files are still online, there will continuously be Luna Online private servers. Though these servers lack Luna Plus content and have old and outdated clients.

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