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Lucent Heart Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: June 10th, 2011

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Lucent Heart is a fantasy MMORPG that takes the traditional ideals of an MMO and throws its own original twist at it. The game features unique systems, like a souped up romance system and a Zodiac system, which allows for more character depth.

The main aspect that Lucent Heart possesses comes from its unique Zodiac system. Aside from standard character creation of choosing a job, Lucent Heart also asks for your astrological sign. Each sign contains a different latent attribute to it; Sagittarius-aligned individuals are proficient with attack, aligned with the fire element, but have low defense. Libra-aligned players feature superior defense and utilize the air element, but lack attack. One's Zodiac class also works with one's job class: Libra-oriented characters are often tanks in-game, for the latent stats from a Libra bolster defenses. However, one's star sign in no way mitigates one's choice of job class. Granted, one star sign will be more beneficial to a specific job class in terms of stat boost, but it does not necessarily restrict one from freedom of choosing their own job class.

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Going on with the astrological-like theme comes in the form of daily fortunes which functions like a horoscope. Each daily fortune connects with five different aspects; "Love" augments the chances of finding love. "Battle" raises critical and accuracy hit rates during combat. "Work" increases the chance of crafting an item. "Wealth" bolsters the chances of receiving rare items from killing monsters or by opening chests. "Agility" increases the chance to dodge hits during combat. Every day either gives a great boost to one aspect, or gives a low increase to another. Furthermore, a fortune can never work against you; they will always boost one's stats, and never lower them.

Lucent Hart features standard classes that gamers are familiar with, starting with the two trees of warrior and mage. The warrior breaks into the gunner and knight classes, while the mage breaks into the priest and wizard job classes. After that, however, job classes break into somewhat more specific roles; Gunners can advance to either Comet Marksman or Nova Sentinel, who focus on burst AoE damage and team bolstering respectively. Largely, character classes seem pretty standard, but when combined with the Zodiac System, the mundane (although really cool-named) classes seem less uniform and a bit more unique.

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To the celibate players out there, if you intend on playing Lucent Heart, couples are more than advised. Another point that Lucent Heart possesses is its romance system (hence why "Heart" is in the title), aptly named the "Cupid System." And boy is getting a couple pretty swanky. Not only the romance, but the oodles of perks of being a couple, like doubled experience when grinding. Additionally, one can quiz their significant other with questions concerning their compatibility and earn tokens that one can exchange for items. Furthermore, Lucent Heart goes the extra mile with the romance system with the amount of emotes with your significant other, ranging from an adorable game of leap-frog to simply hugging one another.

My only qualm from the game comes from the strangeness from the real-world cash shop. Quickly put, one cannot equip non-cash equipment with cash equipment. This really hurts Lucent Heart in the form of those who cannot completely cash an item set, but must use normal items to suffice. In truth, one must choose between all real-world cash items or in-game items.

All in all, Lucent Heart is definitely worth a try. The Zodiac and fortune system really give a mundane game all the glam it needs to be unique from other games of its day. The Cupid system practically screams out teamwork and love, and it turns out quite well. It's a good MMO and I definitely recommend it.

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