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Lost Saga

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  • Name: Lost Saga
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Lost Saga

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US OGPlanet Release Official Site N/A

Lost Saga Media

About Lost Saga

Battle it out as your favorite heroes from across space and time! 23 iconic heroes wait for their chance at glory in the first season with over 100 more waiting to join the fight in the future. Use each hero's unique skills to bring fame and fortune to you, your guild, and your faction as you battle in ancient ruins, floating castles, icy rifts, space stations, and more!

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows
  • CPU: Pentium III 800Mhz
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Graphics: GeForce2 MX


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me favorite. i had tons of characters but actually only 1 permament o played it on ogplanet and was really fun . it's a skill game so not only ur lvl important but ur talent and experience. the best part is that u can even change your character in the game while playing so if the enemy has a ranger character u can easily take ajumper or runner and get close then switch back and ambush them with a strong melle. there is no op character. teamplay and ganking is part of the game. i really liked it but actually the game is not running in my country any more so it's a sad story :(

frostjack - 09-17-2013

One of my favorite games. Got all kinds of heroes even those from famous games like Guilty Gear and Blazblue. Only problem I don't like about the game is the lag sometimes you can find a room that only have atleast one person lagging, but other times it will just be lag from everyone.

XIIAlexIIX - 07-30-2012

Does your favorite MMO feature happen to be PVP? Well, stop whatever MMO you're playing and join Lost Saga. There are many types of matches with a large - and ever growing - character selection. You may use 10 different heroes(classes, characters) per normal match, you can even mix and match gear.

Sadly, this IS a fighting game with MANY classes... So imbalance is a huge issue. However, as I've proven with my magic-user lineup, you can be good with any class if you pump a few levels into it. Much like any fighting game, you must become accustomed to the very-easy-controls and out-of-the-box-fighting-style as you use your wits and reflexes to rack up comboes.No mercy! Curbstomp your opponents... Then become their friend! It's all good here. :3

WARNING: laggers have an advantage as it it near impossible to hit them more than once let alone stun them. Also, this is a fighting/competitive game, so expect to see cocky/narcistic/rude idiots running around.

Lastly, hacking is not an issue since this game is server sided. So that's a big plus. *cough*

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LilPhenyl - 09-06-2011

Cash exclusive heroes, like Sol from guilty gears;
cant gender change ur hero unless u cash, i seriously just cash for cosmetics

ThisIsAPen - 07-20-2011

Lost Saga is completely out of the norm in terms of fighting MMOs. There are several combos people can pull off with multiple heroes. People are allowed to switch heroes mid battle too so the game doesn't get too boring with just one... and with that said multi-hero combos can be pulled off for massive damage. The only draw back is each hero perm costs $12-$14 and you're limited to which heroes you can play unless you spend money.

HelloAaron - 03-15-2011

It was a very fun and intense fighting MMO. Normally I try to avoid fighters but this brought a whole new set up to the table..well at least for me it did.

gamefreak20 - 02-17-2011

Definently a very intriguing game to say to the least. Not your average fighting MMO, not only are the character classes interesting, but how the hero system and equipment works is what really gets me.

You can pick up any equipment that was dropped from your opponents, and use them to your own advantage. All of the equipments provide a different skill depending on which Hero/Class you use, and you can use a variety of different skills to match in with your combos in fights.

Graphics are pretty unique, and the massive PvP Deathmatch fights are thrilling. Not too many different features so far, so one may find the game repetetive. However, those features that do exist are pretty interesting, and I am definently looking forward to more in the future.

It's a really easy game to get the hang of, and really enjoyable.

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KrEmEyDeMi - 12-07-2009

Automatic Game Optimization, interesting game classes. The sound is personally a lot off for me, but the graphics are nice for a cartoon-ish feel. Lost Saga also has Movie Mode so you can view and play the game as if it was a movie!

The PvP function isn't destroyed either. If a team is outnumbered, they get several bonuses to help combat the loss of a player(s). There's no overpowered items, and the only way to increase your stats are by leveling.

Definitely a game worth trying! :D

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Shazbot - 12-06-2009

Normally, I hate playing PvP games, but this game is actually pretty fun. Different modes of PvP, team or free for all; and a very unique guild feature, guild faction vs guild faction. The community seems pretty nice. There's no trade feature, so whatever you earn is what you get. The song is pretty catchy. The voice sound from characters are unique (when you type 'hi', the character says 'hi' in a cute chipmunk voice)

CujoEX - 12-03-2009

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Lost Saga - ggFTW First 10
Lost Saga - ggFTW First 10
Uploaded: April 1st, 2011

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