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Legend of Edda

Legend of Edda

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  • Name: Legend of Edda
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Legend of Edda

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Games Campus Open Beta Official Site N/A

Legend of Edda Media

About Legend of Edda

Explore and enchanting new world of Myth and lore, hardcore PvP, endless customization, and a compelling art style like no other!


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Loving it.

Sidero - 10-16-2010

Just tried the game out myself and it's great! Not being able to move your camera angle can be a pain sometimes being a 3D game, but you can still zoom in and out to at least make it a bit better. It has a lot of features and can be very fun! Hopefully this game will get better and better!

pkFire - 10-03-2010

Even though the game's currently in CBT, I'm quite impressed. The graphics are beautiful, combat flows very well, and maps are pretty big and explorable. Downside is that you can't adjust your camera angle, meaning you're stuck with the default angle forever. That may be changed in the near future, though.

Also, the voice-overs are still in Korean, as well as the introduction scene/probably everything else. Can't say much more as I haven't advanced far into the game yet.

This is definitely something worth trying.

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Janna - 09-30-2010

Legend of Edda Videos

Legend of Edda - ggFTW First 10
Legend of Edda - ggFTW First 10
Uploaded: March 9th, 2011

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Legend of Edda News

Legend of Edda Launches Chapter 2 Today

Calling it the "biggest Legend of Edda Update since launch," GamesCampus launched its Chapter 2 update to MMORPG Legend of Edda today. Legend of Edda Chapter 2: Return of the Gods ... Read more

Legend of Edda Chapter 2 Coming Late April
April 14th, 2011 - Games Campus

Legend of Edda Enters Open Beta
October 12th, 2010 - Games Campus

Legend of Edda Closed Beta Tomorrow
September 29th, 2010 - Games Campus

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Legend of Edda Reviews

Legend of Edda Review by Veloze

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Legend of Edda Guides

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