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Legend of Edda Review by Veloze

  • Author: Veloze
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Legend of Edda, an MMORPG hosted by GamesCampus and developed by EyaSoft, the same developers of the niche Luna Online. The gods are in a seemingly endless war. You, the player, are a descendant of the gods and were summoned to assist them in war. This game is marketed as cute and hardcore and features actual wars between realms.

Is this game cute? You bet. Legend of Edda sports cutesy graphics. The artwork and graphics give off a nice, warm, anime-ish feel. It's kind of strange for a game about warring gods, but it's nice nonetheless. The Titan god has a striking resemblance to a character from a certain golf MMO...

Legend of Edda Images

Upon logging on, you're given a choice between two factions: Olympus and Titan. After choosing your side, you're immediately sent to the character select screen. There are three groups, each with two classes. The first group, the Fighter group, consists of the classes Warrior and Swordsman. The Rogue group consists of the Assassin class and Archer class. The classes representing the Mage group are Cleric and Wizard. The classics. There is little customization here. You're able to choose your character's gender, select from a small number of hairstyle and eyes, and of course, your IGN. After that, select your character and head into the game. You encounter the god you chose to assist and get thrown into the game's world shortly after.

Legend of Edda plays similarly like many other free-to-play MMOs out there. "Point, click, and kill" is your main strategy here. The game is quest heavy and practically hands out +EXP potions, so leveling isn't a challenge. The fact that most of the quests are "Go and get me x amount of this item" can be a negative aspect. You gain skill points upon leveling up, and can use them to purchase skills from a Skill Master. The skills are a little flashy, but none of them really stand out.

Your main ways of making money as a newbie are doing quests and selling monster drops. It'll take a while before you're actually able to buy those somewhat expensive weapons and armor.

You can join a RvR anytime you're allowed to. If you're not level 20, you get bumped up to that level. Awesome. Sadly, it's somewhat pointless to join them because most of the players are equipped with refined high-level gear and will kick your grass if you're a newbie. RvR is actually very intense, but somewhat unbalanced, because some classes have advantages over other ones.

Legend of Edda Images

The soundtrack... is nothing special. Everything blends and that's fine, it's just that nothing stands out. The sound effects and ambience are basic.

Final Verdict: 7/10

All in all, even though this game doesn't do much to stand out, it's pretty enjoyable. You should give it a shot sometime.

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