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League of Legends Review by Faith

  • Author: Faith
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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League of Legends, it is a fairly new game that can been described as a "blend" of many types of

genres. It came from Guinsoo and Pendragon, the original creators of the widely popular warcraft 3 map, Defense of the Ancients (more commonly known by its acronym, DOTA). This game has won various of awards around the lines of "game of the year" and has received mainly positive reviews. It is definitely worth reading into for gamers.


Gameplay: The gameplay is straightforward, you are in a team of 5 (summoner rift) or 3 (twisted tree line) and goal is to destroy the turrets while progressing inwards into the enemy's base with the ultimate goal of destroying it. Each champion has a pre-determined set of abilities (0-4 for regular abilities, 0-3 for ultimate) that points are allocated in that are gained from leveling up, which range from anything to disables, healing or just raw damage. You can view the champions skills beforehand, giving you an idea of what each champion is capable of.

The matchmaking system is another key aspect in LoL's gameplay. It pairs up those that are roughly the same level (maximum 30) which allows players to face those with a similar skill level (unless someone is playing on a smurph account, or has previous experience). This is the more casual side of the system where nothing is rated and only your wins, creep kills, tower kills/assists, and amount of champion slain are added to the total into your profile. Your statistics on the match will remain for a certain amount of matches before disappearing. There is a ranked system for those who reach lvl 30 and want to play more competitively. This will be explained further in features.

As you can see, I've listed off many positive points about the gameplay, however, as the gameplay has its good key points, it also has it's great flaws. The gameplay is so heavily team-orientated, that if a single player leaves the game it will almost without a doubt, tip the balance in the other teams favor. The only solution in this case is to end the game as fast as possible or loss is inevitable. Although Riot does attempt to prevent leavers in-game by providing a penalty, it isn't able to completely cure this problem. Don't let this discourage you though because the good points heavily outweight the negative aspects.


Features: There is currently a roster of 60+ champions and the default champion is dependent on whether or not you purchased LoL from a store. For those who downloaded LoL through the website start off only with the weekly free rotation of champions, otherwise the the purchased version gives 10 champions on top of the free weekly rotated champions. The free rotation of champions allow players to get a feel of certain champions before purchasing it via IP (Influence points) or RP (Riot points). IP is the standard currency in the game that can be obtained playing matches while RP is the cash equivalent of in-game currency. Don't be discouraged as RP only acts as a "shortcut" to purchasing champions and allows users to purchase champion skins. Other then that, everything else can be purchased using IP.

As mentioned in gameplay, there is a system for ranked matches. It's based on a ELO rating system where wins will increase your rating which will pit you against even more skilled players and losses reduce your rating causing the reverse to occur. After players reach a certain rating, they can qualify and register for WCG where you can jump into the world scene, which without a doubt is one of the main drives for players in ranked matches. This system also has its downfalls, as only certain champions are encouraged during the matches for their abilities. If you don't pick one of these certain champions, or do poorly with a champion that isn't part of the encouraged bracket of champions, expect your team to rage and blame the loss on you should it occur (this is based on my personal experience).


Aesthetics: One of the key points about LoL is that the graphics doesn't require the computer to be high-end in order to play the game as opposed to many others today. It has great and clean cel-shaded graphics and a good diverse customization for those who are running high-end systems, or those who simply want to enjoy the gameplay.

When it comes to music though, there isn't much to it as there is only the music from character select, in-game, login, and while browsing around in the lobby. It is acceptable though, as that's all there is to it. For those who are wondering, there isn't any background music so I'd recommend you make a playlist unless you'd rather play in silence. That is all I can really say about it as there isn't a million different interfaces and music for everything; it is actually quite simple in a good way because the GUI isn't confusing.

Not commonly done throughout games, Riot also decided to give a little fun aspect to each champion. Riot is generous enough to give each character their own joke, laugh, taunt, and dance. Some of the dances allows us reminiscence of the old times while others reference towards our pop culture (eg, Ezrael's dance is part of a dance from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). The jokes itself are appropriate and fit the theme of the champions quite well. I'll leave those for you to find out.


Community: This is one of the key points that makes LoL successful. The staff is in frequent communication with the community, problems are dealt with quickly, and the staff can present themselves professionally as necessary. Content is updated regularly enough to keep the community pleased and satisfied playing League of Legends. There isn't much to say other then good job riot staff.



Overall, LoL is a great game that I'd recommend to anyone as it will offer a unique experience for various types of gamers. It is a good casual and competitive game that many can enjoy and is great for killing time. For that, it'll be given a grand total of,


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